Candle Lighting and Donations

As we navigate through these difficult times, St. Anna Greek Orthodox Church invites all faithful to remotely light a candle and offer a prayer. 

Fr. Anthony will light as many narthex and vigil (7-day) candles as you would like to request.  To make a request, simply email Fr. Anthony at specifying the number and type of candles you would like to have lit, providing the name(s) you would like to have read for each candle.  You can also call Fr. Anthony at 801-824-3987 to make your request and provide your name(s). 

To make a donation for the candles requested, simply click here to access our online donation page.  On the line for “Other Donations” insert the amount you wish to donate and type “Candle Donations” in the adjacent comment box.

Donations can also be mailed via check addressed to: St. Anna Greek Orthodox Church, P.O. Box 171224, Holladay, Utah 84117

May God continue to bless and protect all people of the world as we navigate through these challenging times.