Pastoral Letters

Pastoral Message October 23, 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I apologize for this late message. It has been an extremely busy week with our mosaic installer in town. What an incredible time in the history of our parish!

Before I share anything else, let me invite you to the Divine Liturgy this Wednesday Morning for the Feast of St. Demetrios. It will be your first real opportunity to see the new mosaic. We will bless it next Sunday following Church Services. 

Please note the above pictures. They are our new Sunday School rooms, located on the property of our new next-door neighbors and the future home of a Lunatic Fringe Hair Salon. The owners, Lauren Spatafore and her father, David Spatafore have graciously allowed us to hold Sunday School in their building until our classrooms (three of the intended five) are complete this spring. They are gracious and generous neighbors. 

Our preschool class will remain on our property; tomorrow, having class in the back of the church in their partitioned space, and eventually in the new storage building, once it has heat and electricity in the coming weeks. Elementary and Teenage Classes will go next door for the next few months. Our Men’s Ministry Team built a stairway and installed a handrail up to the new location. Teachers will guide the kids up for their classes following Communion. 

Once their salon is open, the employees of Lunatic Fringe will be parking in our parking lot during their business hours. We are honored as a community to be both the recipient of, and the provider of neighborly blessings. It is the way it should be. 

Enjoy a lovely remainder of your short evening. See you in a few hours. Stay warm. Come to Church!

Much Love in XC,

Fr. Anthony Savas