St. Anna Capital Campaign

“Build the house, that I may take pleasure in it, and that I may be glorified.”  Haggai 1:8

In 2017, our Parish came together as a whole in the spirit of Orthodox philanthropy and generosity to raise an incredible amount of funds to serve as a $1.25 million foundation for our Building program.

With the success of the Capital Campaign to date, the funds raised are sufficient to provide for a down payment on a suitable property or building that is to serve as our future home.

Given the knowledge that property and building costs are likely to continue to increase, we are not yet at a point where the luxury of complacency can be allowed. Our original goal of raising $3 million leaves us still in need of raising at least an additional $1.75 million to allow us to fully fund a property purchase and begin to plan our Church facilities.

The challenge before us remains great, but is achievable. It is one that calls on each of us to make sacrifices to help assure that the financial resources necessary for us to reach our continued growth and vitality of our beloved Parish, are available to us and our children. We are, after all, every one of us, witnesses to the extraordinary path the Holy Spirit has chosen for us, directed us on, and continues to reveal to the faithful of St. Anna Greek Orthodox Church.

In order to reach our goal of $3 million, we must continue to offer our Savior the best of our time, talent, and treasure. With the help and firm commitment of each of us, we can and will achieve this goal.

We of the St. Anna Capital Campaign respectfully implore those of us who have not yet pledged toward the Campaign to prayerfully consider making and fulfilling a sacrificial pledge toward fulfilling this goal.

In order to realistically achieve the goal of $3 million, we must also ask that each and every parishioner who has already pledged consider making a further ongoing yearly commitment in addition to that already pledged and fulfilled.

There are also opportunities to help fund this goal through gifts of appreciated stock, 401k required minimum distributions, gifts of real property and gifts through wills and trusts after our passing. Your SACC stands ready to answer your questions and assist you in considering and utilizing these methods.

Every fulfilled pledge will move us closer to achieving the goal of enabling our Parish to purchase property and build the Church Home that will house and provide for worship and fellowship for present and future generations of our children and spiritual descendants. Please carefully and prayerfully consider this request and pledge today as God leads you! Please consider giving above and beyond that which seems comfortable to you but commensurate with the blessings God rains down on each of us, seen and unseen, daily!

Please click below for information regarding our Coffee vs. CASH Program, which offers a simple way we can continue to provide a donation at just $5.00 to $10.00 per week.

Once again, we ask that you prayerfully consider giving to our building fund in order to build a future for ourselves, our children, our great grandchildren unto generations upon generations.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact any of the Capital Campaign Committee members or email us at  You can also contact Fr. Anthony Savas at or 801-824-3987 to discuss how you and your family may be able to contribute to our fundraising efforts.

Coffee vs. CASH Program