Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Please remember that while we are not sons and daughters of the Pioneers, we are indeed, sons and daughters of St. Anna. As the […]

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Having just returned from the Clergy/Laity Congress in Boston, MA, I look forward to sharing the events and deliberations that took place this past […]

“Whenever we enter the church and draw near to the heavenly mysteries, we ought to approach with all humility and fear, both because of the presence of the angelic powers […]

Through greed we underwent the first stripping, overcome by the bitter tasting of the fruit, and we became exiles from God. But let us turn back to repentance and, fasting […]

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Remember this one? Keep reading to the end. I have some updates! “It’s that time of year again when schools are out, vacations are […]