Orthodox Saints

February 2
+ Holy Martyr Agathodoros of Tyana
+ New Martyr Gabriel at Constantinople
+ Martyr Jordan at Trezibond
+ Synaxis of All Saints of Perm Metropolia*

February 3
+ Symeon the God-receiver & Anna the Prophetess
+ Holy Prophet Azariah
+ Martyrs Adrian & Eubulus at Caesarea
+ Martyr Blaise the Herdsman of Caesarea
+ Venerable Savvas of Ioannina
+ Archbishop Nicholas, Equal-to-the-Apostles & Enlightener of Japan
+ New Martyrs Stamatios, John & Nicholas in Chios
+ James the Archbishop of Serbia
+ Laurence the Archbishop of Canterbury
+ Saint Symeon of Tver, Bishop of Polotsk
+ Lawrence the Illuminator of Spoleto
+ Werburga the Abbess of Chester
+ Martyr Ia of Ives
+ Archbishop Ansgar the Enlightener of
Denmark & Sweden

February 4
+ Holy Mothers Nonna, Emmelia & Anthousa of the Three Hierarchs*
+ Venerable Isidore of Pelusium
+ Nicholas the Studite & Confessor
+ New Martyr Joseph of Aleppo
+ Hieromartyr Abramius of Arbela in Assyria
+ Iasimos the Wonderworker
+ John the Bishop of Irenopolis
+ George the Prince of Vladimir
+ Venerable Cyril of New Lake in Novgorod
+ New Martyr Anthony of Supraśl
+ Martyr Theoktistos
+ Venerable Evagrius of Georgia
+ Bishops Aventinus & Vincent of Troyes

February 5
+ Holy Martyr Agatha of Palermo in Sicily
+ Polyeuktos the Patriarch of Constantinople
+ New Martyr Anthony of Athens
+ Venerable Theodosios of Skopelos
+ Martyrs Theodula & her companions in Cilicia
+ Theodosius the Archbishop of Chernigov
+ Savvas the Younger of Sicily
+ Venerable Adelaide the Abbess

February 6
+ Boukolos the Bishop of Smyrna
+ Patriarch Photios the Great of Constantinople
+ Martyr Julian of Emesa
+ Venerables Barsanuphios the Great & John the Prophet of Palestine
+ Martyrs Fausta, Evilasius & Maximos at Cyzicus
+ Venerable John of Lykos in Egypt
+ James the Ascetic of Cyrus
+ Dorothea the Schema-Nun of Kashin
+ Martyrs Dorothy, Christina, Callista & Theophilus at Caesarea in
+ Holy Father Arsen of Iqalto in Georgia
+ Martyrs Faustus, Basil & Silvanus of Darion in Constantinople
+ Amandus the Apostle of Maastricht

February 7
+ Parthenios Bishop of Lampasacus
+ Venerable Luke the New of Mount Steirion
+ Holy 1,003 Martyrs of Nicomedia & those with them
+ Aprion the Bishop of Cyprus
+ Venerable Mother Mastridia of Jerusalem
+ New Martyr George of Alikianos in Crete
+ Venerable Peter of Monobatos
+ Martyrs Theopemptus & 6 others of Phrygia
+ Moses the Bishop of the Arabs
+ Juliana of Bologna
+ Venerable Boniface of Kiev
+ Richard the Pilgrim of Wessex

February 8
+ Great-Martyr Theodore Stratelates of Heraclea
+ Holy Prophet Zachariah
+ Martyrs Mary, Martha & Lycarion of Egypt
+ Makarios the Bishop of Paphos in Cyprus
+ Martyrs Philadelphus & Polycarp
+ Archbishop Savvas II of Serbia
+ Martyrs Nicephorus and Stephen
+ New Martyr Lyubov of Ryazan
+ Elfleda the Abbess of Whitby
+ Martyrs Cointha of Alexandria & her companions
+ Holy Martyr Pergetus

February 9
+ Martyr Nikephoros of Antioch
+ Romanus the Wonderworker of Cilicia
+ Martyr Apollonia the Deaconess of Alexandria
+ Hieromartyr Peter of Damascus
+ Hieromartyrs Marcellus of Sicily, Philagrios of Cyprus & Pancratius of Taormina
+ Martyrs Alexander and Ammon at Soloi of Cyprus
+ Holy Fathers Gennadius & Nicephorus of Vazhezersk
+ Pancratius the Hieromonk of the Kiev Caves
+ Commemoration of the 383 Holy Fathers of the 8th Ecumenical Synod*

February 10
+ Hieromartyr Haralambos of Magnesia with Martyrs Porphyrios, Baptos & 3 women
+ Martyrs Ennatha, Valentina & Paula of Palestine
+ Patriarch Anastasios II of Jerusalem
+ Zeno the Courier of Caesarea
+ Venerable Scholastica of Nursia
+ Righteous Anna the Princess of Novgorod
+ Venerables Prochorus of the Kiev Caves & Longinus of Koryazhema
+ Virgin-Martyr Soteris of Rome
+ The Synaxis of the Hierarchs of Novgorod

February 11
+ Empress Theodora II of Constantinople
+ Martyrs Blaise of Sebaste with 2 children & 7 women
+ New Martyr George of Serbia
+ Hieromartyr Lucius of Adrionopolis
+ Hieromartyr Blaise of Acarnania
+ 46 Martyrs at Albitina including: Saturninus & his 4 children:
Victoria, Mary, Hilarion & their companionsGabriel of Pskov
+ Demetrius of Vologda

February 12
+ Meletios the Archbishop of Antioch
+ Patriarch Antony II of Constantinople
+ New Martyr Christos the Gardener
+ Venerables Mary (Marinos) & her father, Eugene of Alexandria
+ Venerable Meletios of Ypseni
+ Martyrs Saturninus, Plotinus & companions at Carthage
+ Julian the Hospitaller;
+ Martyr Callia

February 13
+ Apostles & Martyrs Aquila & his wife, Priscilla
+ Venerable Martinian of Caesarea in Palestine
+ Zoe the Penitent of Bethlehem & Photina
+ Eulogios the Archbishop of Alexandria
+ Venerable Symeon the Myrrh-streamer of Serbia
+ Martyrs Fusca & Maura of Revenna
+ Martyred father and son, by crucifixion
+ Stephen the Confessor of Lyons Ermenhilda the Abbess of Ely
+ Modomnoc the Bishop of Ossory in Ireland

February 14
+ Venerable Auxentius of Bithynia
+ New Martyr Nicholas of Corinth
+ Maron the Hermit of Cyrrhus in Syria
+ Monk-martyr Damian the New of Philotheou
+ Abraham the Bishop of Charres in Mesopotamia
+ Hieromartyr Philemon the Bishop of Gaza
+ Hieromartyr Valentine the Presbyter of Rome
+ New Martyr George the Tailor of Mytilene
+ Venerable Hilarion the New of Georgia
+ Hieromartyr Valentine the Bishop of Interamna
+ 12 Greeks Who Built the Dormition Cathedral in the Kiev Caves
+ Isaac the Recluse of the Kiev Caves
+ New Hieromartyr Nicholas of Trebizond

February 15
+ Holy Apostle Onesimus of the Seventy
+ Martyr Major of Gaza
+ Venerable Anthimos of Chios
+ New Martyr John of Thessaloniki
+ Eusebius the Righteous of Syria
+ Venerable Dalmatius of Siberia
+ Paphnutius the Recluse of the Kiev Caves
+ Virgin-Martyr Agape of Terni
+ Georgia the Anchoress of Auvergne
+ Oswy the King of Northumbria

*Indicates movable feast that does not occur on the same date each year