Orthodox Saints

February 2
+ Holy Martyr Agathodoros of Tyana
+ New Martyr Gabriel at Constantinople
+ Martyr Jordan at Trezibond
+ Synaxis of All Saints of Perm Metropolia*

February 3
+ Symeon the God-receiver & Anna the Prophetess
+ Holy Prophet Azariah
+ Martyrs Adrian & Eubulus at Caesarea
+ Martyr Blaise the Herdsman of Caesarea
+ Venerable Savvas of Ioannina
+ Archbishop Nicholas, Equal-to-the-Apostles & Enlightener of Japan
+ New Martyrs Stamatios, John & Nicholas in Chios
+ James the Archbishop of Serbia
+ Laurence the Archbishop of Canterbury
+ Saint Symeon of Tver, Bishop of Polotsk
+ Lawrence the Illuminator of Spoleto
+ Werburga the Abbess of Chester
+ Martyr Ia of Ives
+ Archbishop Ansgar the Enlightener of Denmark & Sweden

February 4
+ Holy Mothers Nonna, Emmelia & Anthousa of the Three Hierarchs*
+ Venerable Isidore of Pelusium
+ Nicholas the Studite & Confessor
+ New Martyr Joseph of Aleppo
+ Hieromartyr Abramius of Arbela in Assyria
+ Iasimos the Wonderworker
+ John the Bishop of Irenopolis
+ George the Prince of Vladimir
+ Venerable Cyril of New Lake in Novgorod
+ New Martyr Anthony of Supraśl
+ Martyr Theoktistos
+ Venerable Evagrius of Georgia
+ Bishops Aventinus & Vincent of Troyes

February 5
+ Holy Martyr Agatha of Palermo in Sicily
+ Polyeuktos the Patriarch of Constantinople
+ New Martyr Anthony of Athens
+ Venerable Theodosios of Skopelos
+ Martyrs Theodula & her companions in Cilicia
+ Theodosius the Archbishop of Chernigov
+ Savvas the Younger of Sicily
+ Venerable Adelaide the Abbess

February 6
+ Boukolos the Bishop of Smyrna
+ Patriarch Photios the Great of Constantinople
+ Martyr Julian of Emesa
+ Venerables Barsanuphios the Great & John the Prophet of Palestine
+ Martyrs Fausta, Evilasius & Maximos at Cyzicus
+ Venerable John of Lykos in Egypt
+ James the Ascetic of Cyrus
+ Dorothea the Schema-Nun of Kashin
+ Martyrs Dorothy, Christina, Callista & Theophilus at Caesarea in Cappadocia
+ Holy Father Arsen of Iqalto in Georgia
+ Martyrs Faustus, Basil & Silvanus of Darion in Constantinople
+ Amandus the Apostle of Maastricht

February 7
+ Parthenios Bishop of Lampasacus
+ Venerable Luke the New of Mount Steirion
+ Holy 1,003 Martyrs of Nicomedia & those with them
+ Aprion the Bishop of Cyprus
+ Venerable Mother Mastridia of Jerusalem
+ New Martyr George of Alikianos in Crete
+ Venerable Peter of Monobatos
+ Martyrs Theopemptus & 6 others of Phrygia
+ Moses the Bishop of the Arabs
+ Juliana of Bologna
+ Venerable Boniface of Kiev
+ Richard the Pilgrim of Wessex

February 8
+ Great-Martyr Theodore Stratelates of Heraclea
+ Holy Prophet Zachariah
+ Martyrs Mary, Martha & Lycarion of Egypt
+ Makarios the Bishop of Paphos in Cyprus
+ Martyrs Philadelphus & Polycarp
+ Archbishop Savvas II of Serbia
+ Martyrs Nicephorus and Stephen
+ New Martyr Lyubov of Ryazan
+ Elfleda the Abbess of Whitby
+ Martyrs Cointha of Alexandria & her companions
+ Holy Martyr Pergetus

February 9
+ Martyr Nikephoros of Antioch
+ Romanus the Wonderworker of Cilicia
+ Martyr Apollonia the Deaconess of Alexandria
+ Hieromartyr Peter of Damascus
+ Hieromartyrs Marcellus of Sicily, Philagrios of Cyprus & Pancratius of Taormina
+ Martyrs Alexander and Ammon at Soloi of Cyprus
+ Holy Fathers Gennadius & Nicephorus of Vazhezersk
+ Pancratius the Hieromonk of the Kiev Caves
+ Commemoration of the 383 Holy Fathers of the 8th Ecumenical Synod*

February 10
+ Hieromartyr Haralambos of Magnesia with Martyrs Porphyrios, Baptos & 3 women
+ Martyrs Ennatha, Valentina & Paula of Palestine
+ Patriarch Anastasios II of Jerusalem
+ Zeno the Courier of Caesarea
+ Venerable Scholastica of Nursia
+ Righteous Anna the Princess of Novgorod
+ Venerables Prochorus of the Kiev Caves & Longinus of Koryazhema
+ Virgin-Martyr Soteris of Rome
+ The Synaxis of the Hierarchs of Novgorod

February 11
+ Empress Theodora II of Constantinople
+ Martyrs Blaise of Sebaste with 2 children & 7 women
+ New Martyr George of Serbia
+ Hieromartyr Lucius of Adrionopolis
+ Hieromartyr Blaise of Acarnania
+ 46 Martyrs at Albitina, including Saturninus & his 4 children, Victoria, Mary, Hilarion & their companions, Gabriel of Pskov
+ Demetrius of Vologda

February 12
+ Meletios the Archbishop of Antioch
+ Patriarch Antony II of Constantinople
+ New Martyr Christos the Gardener
+ Venerables Mary (Marinos) & her father, Eugene of Alexandria
+ Venerable Meletios of Ypseni
+ Martyrs Saturninus, Plotinus & companions at Carthage
+ Julian the Hospitaller;
+ Martyr Callia

February 13
+ Apostles & Martyrs Aquila & his wife, Priscilla
+ Venerable Martinian of Caesarea in Palestine
+ Zoe the Penitent of Bethlehem & Photina
+ Eulogios the Archbishop of Alexandria
+ Venerable Symeon the Myrrh-streamer of Serbia
+ Martyrs Fusca & Maura of Revenna
+ Martyred father and son, by crucifixion
+ Stephen the Confessor of Lyons Ermenhilda the Abbess of Ely
+ Modomnoc the Bishop of Ossory in Ireland

February 14
+ Venerable Auxentius of Bithynia
+ New Martyr Nicholas of Corinth
+ Maron the Hermit of Cyrrhus in Syria
+ Monk-martyr Damian the New of Philotheou
+ Abraham the Bishop of Charres in Mesopotamia
+ Hieromartyr Philemon the Bishop of Gaza
+ Hieromartyr Valentine the Presbyter of Rome
+ New Martyr George the Tailor of Mytilene
+ Venerable Hilarion the New of Georgia
+ Hieromartyr Valentine the Bishop of Interamna
+ 12 Greeks Who Built the Dormition Cathedral in the Kiev Caves
+ Isaac the Recluse of the Kiev Caves
+ New Hieromartyr Nicholas of Trebizond

February 15
+ Holy Apostle Onesimus of the Seventy
+ Martyr Major of Gaza
+ Venerable Anthimos of Chios
+ New Martyr John of Thessaloniki
+ Eusebius the Righteous of Syria
+ Venerable Dalmatius of Siberia
+ Paphnutius the Recluse of the Kiev Caves
+ Virgin-Martyr Agape of Terni
+ Georgia the Anchoress of Auvergne
+ Oswy the King of Northumbria

February 16
+ Hieromartyrs Pamphilus & Valens of Caesarea
+ Martyrs Paul, Seleucus, Porphyrius, Julian, Theodulus, Elias, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Samuel & Daniel at Caesarea
+ Marouthas of Martyropolis & the holy martyrs of Persia for whom the city was named.
+ Flavian the Confessor & Archbishop of Constantinople
+ New Monk-Martyr Romanos of Karpenesion
+ Flavian the Hermit & Wonderworker
+ Mary the New of Byzia in Thrace
+ Corinthian Co-workers of the Apostle Paul: Chloe, Titius, Justus & Crispus*

February 17
+ Great-Martyr Theodore the Tyro
+ Equal-to-the-Apostles Mariamne, sister of Apostle Philip
+ Emperor Marcian & Empress Pulcheria of Constantinople
+ New-Martyr Theodore of Byzantium at Mytilene
+ Bishop Auxibius of Soloi, Cyprus
+ Theodosius & Romanus of Bulgaria
+ New Hieromartyr Theodore of Adjara
+ Venerable Theosteriktos of Symboloi
+ Hieromartyr Hermogenes the Patriarch of Moscow & all Russia
+ Venerable Barnabas of Gethsemane Skete
+ Theodore the Silent of the Kiev Caves
+ New Martyr Michael Mavroeidis of Andrianopolis

February 18
+ Leo the Great & Pope of Rome
+ Agapetus the Confessor & Bishop of Sinai
+ Martyrs Victor, Dorotheus & Agrippa at Synnada
+ Martyrs Leo & Parigorios of Patara in Lycia
+ Martyr Piulius
+ Patriarch Nicholas V of Georgia
+ Venerable Ethelina of Northumbria

February 19
+ Archippos & Philemon of the 70 Apostles & the martyr Apphia
+ Venerable Martyr Philothea of Athens
+ Makarios & Eugene the Confessors
+ Venerable Conon of Palestine
+ Hieromartyr Niketas of Epirus & Mt. Athos
+ Martyrs Asclepiodota, Maximus, Theodotus & Hesychius of Adrianopolis
+ Venerable Rabulas of Samosata

February 20
+ Leo the Wonderworker & Bishop of Catania
+ Hieromartyr Sadoc the Bishop of Persia & the 128 Martyrs with him
+ Venerable Bessarion the Great of Egypt
+ Agathon the Pope of Rome
+ Cindeus the Bishop of Pisidia
+ Venerable Plotinos
+ Agathon of the Kiev Caves
+ Martyrs Cornelius the Abbot of the Pskov Caves & his disciple, Bassian of Murom
+ The 34 Holy Martyrs of Valaam Monastery

February 22
+ Venerable Timothy of Symbola
+ Archbishop Eustathios the Great of Antioch
+ John Scholasticus the Patriarch of Constantinople
+ Zachariah the Patriarch of Jerusalem
+ George the Bishop of Amastris on the Black Sea
+ Venerables Andreas & Anatolios of Jerusalem
+ Ercongotha the nun of Faremoutiers-en-Brie

February 22
+ Holy Martyrs Anthousa & her 12 servants
+ Athanasios the Confessor of Paulopetrion
+ Holy Fathers Thalassios & Limnaios of Syria
+ Ariston the Wonderworker & Bishop of Arsinoe in Cyprus
+ Venerable Baradatos of Antioch
+ Hieromartyr Telesphorus the Pope of Rome
+ Nine Martyred Children of Kola in Georgia: Guram, Adarnase, Bakar, Vache, Bardzim, Dachi, Juanshar, Ramaz & Parsman
+ Maximian the Bishop of Ravenna
+ Martyr Senatus
+ Blaise the Bishop
+ New Hieromartyr Lisitsyn of Ust-Labinskaya
+ New Confessor Theoctiste of Voronezh

February 23
+ Hieromartyr Polycarp of Smyrna
+ Righteous Gorgonia, sister of Gregory the Theologian
+ Venerables John, Moses, Antiochus & Antoninus in Syria
+ Holy Fathers Zebinas, Polychronios, Moses & Damian of Syria
+ Venerable Damian of Esphigmenou on Mt. Athos
+ New Hieromartyr Lazarus of Tripolis in the Peloponnese
+ Virgin-Martyr Martha of Astorga in Spain
+ Martyrs Clement & Thea
+ Romana the Anchoress of Tiber
+ Mildburga the Abbess of Wenlock in Shropshire
+ Venerable Moses of White Lake Monastery
+ New Hieromartyr Paul Kushnikov
+ Venerable Polycarp of Bryansk

February 24
+ Venerable Erasmus of the Kiev Caves
+ John the Harvester of Stylos in Calabria
+ Martyrs Montanus, Lucias, Julian, Victoricus, Flavian & their companions at Carthage
+ Modestos the Bishop & Confessor of Trier
+ Ethelbert the King of Kent
+ Boisil the monk of Melrose Abbey

February 25
+ Tarasios the Patriarch of Constantinople
+ Martyr Alexander at Drizipara of Thrace
+ Hieromartyr Reginos the Bishop of Skopelos
+ Hieromartyr Markellos of Cyprus & Bishop of Apamea in Syria
+ Theodore the Fool-for-Christ
+ Holy Martyr Anthony
+ Walburga the Abbess of Heidenheim in Bavaria

February 26
+ Holy Martyr & Equal-to-the-Apostles Photini the Samaritan Woman
+ Holy Martyrs & sisters of St. Photini: Phota, Photida, Paraskevi, Kyriaki
+ Holy Martyrs & sons of St. Photini: Joses & Photinos
+ Martyred companions of St. Photini: Sebastian, Theocletus & others
+ Porphyrios the Bishop of Gaza
+ New-Martyr John the Craftsman of Constantinople
+ Venerable Sebastian of Poshekhonye
+ Holy Martyr Christodoulos

February 27
+ Prokopios the Confessor of Decapolis
+ Martyr Gelasios the Actor of Heliopolis
+ Raphael the Bishop of Brooklyn
+ Venerable Thallelaios of Syria
+ Stephen the monk who founded a home for the elderly in Armatios
+ Asklepios & James the Hermits of Syria
+ Venerable Timothy of Caesarea
+ New Martyr Elias of Trebizond
+ Titus the Presbyter & Titus the former soldier of the Kiev Caves
+ Virgin-Martyr Honorina in the North of France
+ Holy Martyr Nisios

February 28
+ Basil the Confessor of Decapolis
+ Hieromartyr Proterios of Alexandria & his companions
+ Hieromartyr Nestor of Magydos
+ New Martyr Kyranna of Thessaloniki
+ Venerable Mothers Kyra & Marana of Beroea (Aleppo)
+ Holy Apostles Nymphas and Evoulos of the 70
+ Blessed Nicholas of Pskov
+ The Holy 6 Martyrs of Egypt

February 29**
+ Venerable John Cassian the Roman
+ Venerable Germanus of Dacia Pontica in Romania
+ Righteous Barsos the Bishop of Damascus
+ George the Confessor of Defeltos
+ Venerable Leo of Cappadocia
+ Cassian the Recluse & Faster if the Kiev Caves
+ Martyr Theokteristos the abbot of Pelekete Monastery
+ Oswald the Archbishop of York
+ Venerable Cassian of Mu Lake Hermitage
+ Arsenios the Archbishop of Rostov

March 1
+ Martyr Eudokia the Samaritan of Heliopolis
+ Righteous Domnina the New of Syria
+ Martyr Antonina of Nicaea
+ Venerable Synesios of Lysi in Cyprus
+ Martyrs Markellos, Anthony & Nestorianus
+ Venerable Agapios of the Holy Mountain
+ Martyrs Sylvestor & Sophronius 
+ Martyrs Charisios, Nikephoros & Agapios
+ Venerable Martyrius of Zelenets
+ New Martyr Paraskevas of Trebizond

March 2
+ Martyr Hesychios the Senator of Antioch
+ Hieromartyr Theodotos of Kyrenia in Cyprus
+ Virgin-Martyr Euthalia of Sicily
+ Martyr Quintus the Confessor of Phrygia
+ Hieromartyrs Nestor & Tribimius of Pamphylia
+ Holy Martyrs Andronikos & Athanasia
+ Martyrs Troadios of Neocaesarea & those with him
+ Venerable Joachim the Papoulakis of Ithaca
+ Holy 80 Martyrs of Campania
+ Holy Fathers Sabbas, Barsanuphius, Sabbatius & Euphrosynus of Tver

March 3
+ Martyrs Eutropios, Kleonikos & Basiliskos 
+ Hieromartyr Theodoret of Antioch
+ Venerable Mother Piama of Egypt 
+ Righteous Alexandra of Alexandria
+ Holy 9 Martyrs of Georgia at Marabda
+ Venerables Zeno & Zoilus
+ Catholicos-Patriarchs John IV & John V of Georgia
+ Arthelais of Constantinople
+ Camilla the Anchoress of Auxerre;
+ Holy 40 Martyrs of North Africa

March 4
+ Venerable Gerasimos of the Jordan
+ Martyrs Paul, his sister Juliana & those with them at Ptolemaïs
+ Gregory the Bishop of Constantius in Cyprus
+ Gerasimus of Volgoda
+ Gregory the Bishop of Assos
+ James the Faster of Phoenicia
+ Daniel the Prince of Moscow
+ Basil the Prince of Rostov
+ Holy 900 Martyrs on the Appian Way in Rome

Marth 5
+ Mark the Ascetic of Egypt
+ Martyr Conon the Gardner of Pamphylia
+ Mark the Athenian
+ Martyr Olivia of Brescia
+ Martyrs Conon & Nestor of Isauria
+ New-martyr John of Bulgaria
+ Virgin-martyr Iraida of Antinoe with martyrs Archelaos & 152 others in Egypt
+ George the New-Martyr of Rapsani
+ Martyrs Eulogios & Eulampios of Palestine
+ New Hieromartyr Parthenios

March 6
+ Holy 42 Martyrs of Amoriom in Phrygia 
+ Hesychios the Wonderworker of Galatia
+ Venerable Arcadios of Cyprus & martyred disciples Julian & Eubolos
+ Monk-martyr Maximos
+ Arkadios the Archbishop of Cyprus
+ Martyr Euphrosynos
+ Monk-martyrs Conon & his son Conon of Iconium
+ Abesses Kyneburga & her sister Kyneswitha of Castor
+ Tibba the Hermitess of Ryhall

March 7
+ Hieromartyrs Ephraim, Basilefs, Eugenios, Agathodoros, Elpidios, Capito & Aetherios, the Bishops of Cherson
+ Venerable Paul the Simple of Egypt
+ Bishops Nestor & Arcadios of Trimythus 
+ Ephraim the Patriarch of Antioch
+ Venerable Laurentios of Megara
+ Emilianos the Roman & his companions
+ Martyr & Confessor Johannes of Ilomantsi
+ Synaxis of All Saints of the Dodecanese

March 8
+ Theophylaktos the Bishop of Nicomedia
+ Paul the Confessor of Plousias
+ Holy Apostle Hermes of the 70
+ Lazarus & Athanasios the monks of Murom
+ Felix the Bishop of Dunwich & Enlightener
+ Venerable Father Dometios
+ Holy Martyr Dion
+ Pontius of Carthage

March 9
+ Holy 40 Martyrs of Sebaste
+ Martyr Urpasian the Senator of Nicomedia
+ Caesarios, the brother of Gregory the Theologian
+ Pacian the Bishop of Barcelona
+ Holy 42 New Martyrs of Montenegro
+ Holy 6 Martyrs of the same family

March 10
+ Venerable Anastasia the Patrician of Alexandria
+ Martyrs Quadratus, Cyprian, Dionysius, Anektos,
Paul, Galina, Chariessa, Theodora, Callista & many
other Greek Christians at Corinth
+ New Martyr Michael Mavroudis of Thessaloniki
+ Venerable John of Khakhuli in Georgia
+ Holy Martyr Marcian
+ Simplicius the Pope of Rome

March 11
+ Righteous Theodora the Empress of Arta
+ Patriarch Sophronius I of Jerusalem
+ George the New of Constantinople
+ Martyrs Pionius, Sabina & those with them at Smyrna
+ Venerable John Moschos of Damascus
+ Venerable George of Sinai
+ Hieromartyrs Trophimos & Thallos of Laodicea
+ Archbishop Euthymius II of Novgorod
+ Virgin-Martyr Alberta at Agen
+ Hieromartyr Eulogius of Cordova

March 12
+ Theophanes the Confessor of Sigriane
+ Gregory the Dialogist & Pope of Rome
+ Righteous Aaron the brother of Moses
+ Righteous Phineas, grandson of Aaron
+ Symeon the New Theologian of the Studion
+ Symeon the Studite of Constantinople
+ Martyr Demetrius the Devoted & King of Georgia
+ Venerable Martyr Laurence in Cyprus
+ Cyrus the monk of Alexandria
+ Holy 9 Martyrs of Persia
+ Paul Aurelian the Bishop of Brittany

March 13
+ Hieromartyr Publius the Bishop of Athens
+ Holy Martyr Christina of Persia
+ Martyrs Africanus, Publius & Terence of Carthage
+ Martyr Abibos of Hermopolis in Egypt
+ Gerald the Bishop of Mayo
+ Marios the Bishop of Sebaste

March 14
+ Righteous Benedict of Nursia
+ Martyr Alexander of Pydna
+ Euschemos the Confessor & Bishop of Lampsakos
+ Rostislav-Michael the Great Prince of Kiev
+ Theognostos Metropolitan of Kiev & all Russia
+ Venerable Matilda the Queen of Germany
+ Holy 47 Martyrs of Rome

March 15
+ Gregory Palamas the Archbishop of Thessalonica*
+ Nicholas Planas the Priest of Athens*
+ New Martyr Manuel of Sphakia, Crete
+ Martyrs Agapius of Gaza & those with him in Caesarea
+ Apostle Aristobulos of the 70, Bishop of Britain
+ Martyr Nicander of Egypt
+ Virgin-Martyr Lucretia of Cordova
+ Zacharias the Pope of Rome
+ The Synaxis of All saints of Laconia*

March 16
+ Martyr Sabine of Hermopolis in Egypt
+ Venerable John of Rufianae
+ Martyr Papas of Lycaonia
+ Martyr Romanos of Parium
+ Martyr Julian of Tarsus
+ Christodoulos the Wonderworker of Patmos
+ Aninas the Wonderworker of Mesopotamia
+ Eusebia the Abbess of Hamage
+ Ambrose (Khelaia) the Confessor of Georgia
+ Holy 10 Martyrs of Phoenicia

March 17
+ Venerable Alexios, the Man of God
+ Monk-Martyr Paul of Crete
+ Patrick the Bishop of Armagh & Enlightener of Ireland
+ Theosteriktos the Confessor of Pelekete Monastery
+ Martyr Marinos at Caesarea
+ Gertrude the Abbess of Nivelles
+ Hieromartyr Gabriel the Lesser of Georgia
+ Venerable Macarius of Kalyazin

March 18
+ Cyril the Patriarch of Jerusalem
+ Martyrs Trophimos, Eucarpion & their companions at Nicomedia
+ Martyr Edward the King of England
+ Cyril of Astrakhan
+ the 10,000 martyrs at Nicomedia

March 19
+ Martyrs Chrysanthos & Daria at Rome
+ New Martyr Demetrios at Constantinople
+ Martyrs Claudius, Hilaria & their sons Jason & Maurus of Rome
+ Hieromartyrs Diodoros & Marianos at Rome
+ Righteous Sophia the Princess of Slutsk & Minsk
+ Martyr Pancharios at Nicomedia
+ Bassa the nun of the Pskov Caves
+ Righteous Maria Shvarnova of Vladimir
+ Venerable Innocent of Vologda

March 20
+ Martyred Fathers slain by the Bedouins in the Monastery of St. Savas the Sanctified
+ Holy 7 Martyred Women of Amisus: Alexandra, Claudia, Euphrasia, Matrona, Juliana, Euphemia & Theodosia
+ New Martyr Myron the Tailor of Crete
+ Niketas the Confessor & Bishop of Apollonias
+ Holy Martyrs Rodian, Lollion, Emmanuel & Aquila the Eparch
+ Cuthbert the Wonderworker of Lindisfarne & his fellow ascetic Herbert
+ Martin the Archbishop of Braga
+ New Martyr Euphrosynus of Blue-Jay Lake

March 21
+ James the Bishop & Confessor of the Studion
+ Thomas the Patriarch of Constantinople
+ New Martyr Michael the bread-seller of Agrafa
+ Beryllus the Bishop of Catania & disciple of Apostle Peter
+ Martyrs Philemon & Domninus in Rome
+ Venerable Serapion the Sindonite
+ Martyr Maria in Perge
+ Serapion the Bishop of Thmuis in Egypt
+ Venerable Lupicinus of the Jura Mountains
+ Enda the Abbot of Aran
+ Seraphim the New of Vyritsa

March 22
+ Martyrs Drosis the Princess & the 5 ascetic maidens with her
+ Hieromartyr Basil of Ancyra
+ Martyrs Kallinike & Vasilissa of Rome
+ New Martyr Euthymios of Mt. Athos
+ New Hieromartyr Gregory, Metropolitan of New Patras*
+ Righteous Lea the Abbess of Rome
+ Martyr Basil the Wonderworker in Siberia
+ New Confessor, Schema-Nun Sophia of Kiev & her priest, Demetrius Ivanov
+ Synaxis of All Saints of Fthiotidos*

March 23
+ Monk-Martyr Nikon & his 199 martyred disciples in Sicily
+ New Monk-Martyr Luke of Mytilene
+ Holy Martyr Dometius of Phrygia
+ Martyrs Victorian, & his companions at Hadrumetum
+ Basil the 12 year-old Martyr of Mangazeya
+ Venerable Ephraim & Nicon of the Kiev Caves
+ Righteous Pachomius of Nerekhta
+ Theodosios the Wonderworker of Totma

March 24
+ Artemon the Bishop of Seleucia in Pisidia
+ Hieromartyr Artemon of Laodicea
+ Zachariah the Recluse of Egypt
+ Hieromartyr Patriarch Parthenios III of Constantinople
+ Holy 8 Martyrs of Caesarea in Palestine
+ Venerable Martin of Thebes
+ Zacharias the Faster of the Kiev Caves
+ Martyrs Stephen & Peter of Kazan
+ Venerable Abraham of Mount Latros
+ Hildelitha the Abbess of Barking in Essex

March 25
+ Martyrs Pelagia, Theodosia & Dula of Nicomedia
+ Sennuphios the Sign-Bearer of Latomos Monastery in Thessalonica
+ Parthenius of the Kiev Caves
+ New Confessor Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow & all Russia
+ Venerable Timon the Hermit
+ Holy Mother Kennocha of Fife
+ Holy 262 Martyrs of Rome

March 26
+ Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel
+ 26 Martyrs of Gothia in Crimea
+ Hieromartyr Irenaeus the Bishop of Sirmium
+ Venerable Basil the Younger near Constantinople
+ Martyrs Montanus & his wife, Maxima at Sirmium
+ St. Malchus of Chalcis in Syria;
+ New Martyr George of Sofia;
+ Martyrs Quadratus, Emmanuel, Theodosius & 40 others under Diocletian
+ Felicitas the nun of Padua

March 27
+ Holy Martyr Matrona of Thessaloniki
+ Venerable Kyrikos of Apros in Thrace
+ Martyrs Philetus the Senator, his wife Lydia, their sons & their companions at Illyria
+ Holy Prophet Anani
+ Paul the Bishop of Corinth
+ Martyrs John & Baruch
+ Venerable Father Eutychios
+ Rupert the Bishop of Salzburg & Apostle of Bavaria
+ Virgin-Martyr Augusta of Treviso

March 28
+ Hilarion the New of Pelekete
+ Holy Apostle Herodion of the 70
+ Hesychios the Theologian of Jerusalem
+ Dionysios the Merciful & Bishop of Larissa
+ Martyr Boyan-Enravota the prince of Bulgaria
+ Martyrs Priscus, Malchus & Alexander of Caesarea
+ Monk-Martyr Eustratius of the Kiev Caves
+ John the Bishop of Manglisi in Georgia
+ Venerable Hilarion of Pskov
+ Gwendolyn the Abbess of Niedermünster in Alsace

March 29
+ John Climacus the Abbot of Sinai & author of The Ladder*
+ Holy Martyrs Mark the Bishop of Arethusa, Cyril of Heliopolis & their companions
+ Eustathios the Confessor & Bishop of Kios in Bithynia
+ Diodochos the Bishop of Photiki
+ Venerable Hesychios the Sinaite
+ Holy Mother Eutropia of Kherson
+ Mark, Jonah & Bassa of the Pskov Caves
+ Venerable Niketas of the Roslavl Caves
+ Gladys & Gundleus of Wales
+ Synaxis of All Saints of Rhodes*

March 30
+ John Climacus the Abbot of Sinai & author of The Ladder
+ Holy Prophet Joel
+ Venerable John of the Well
+ Eubula of Nicomedia & mother of St. Panteleimon
+ Martyrs Victor of Thessaloniki & 11 companions
+ Martyr Zacharias the Bishop of Corinth
+ John II, Patriarch of Jerusalem
+ Sophronius the Bishop of Irkutsk
+ Osburga the Abbess of Coventry Abbey

March 31
+ Hieromartyr Hypatios the Bishop of Gangra
+ Akakios the Confessor of Melitene
+ Venerable Blaise of Amorion & Mt. Athos
+ Holy Martyrs Theophilos with his wife & children in Crete
+ Martyrs Menander, Sabinus & 38 martyrs in Hermopolis
+ Martyrs Abdas the Bishop of Persia & those with him
+ Venerable Stephen the Wonderworker
+ Metropolitan Innocent of Moscow & Missionary to Alaska
+ Virgin-Martyr Balbina of Rome

April 1
+ Venerable Mary of Egypt
+ Makarios the Confessor of Pelekete
+ Martyrs Gerontios & Vasilides
+ Righteous Ahaz of the King of Judah
+ Martyr Theodora of Rome
+ Meliton the Bishop of Sardis
+ Euthymius the Wonderworker of Suzdal
+ Eulogius the Fool-for-Christ of Georgia
+ Venerable Barsanuphios of Optina
+ Righteous John Shavteli of Georgia
+ New-Martyr Abraham of Bulgaria
+ Simeon the Hieromonk of Dajbabe
+ Gerontius the Canonarch of the Kiev Caves
+ Venerable Procopius of Sázava

April 2
+ Titus the Wonderworker
+ Venerable Martyr Theodosia of Tyre in Phoenicia
+ Martyrs Amphianos & Aedesios of Lycia
+ Martyr Polycarp of Alexandria
+ Venerable Gregory of Nicomedia
+ Blessed Musa of Rome
+ Stephen the Wonderworker of Palestine
+ Venerable Martyrs Ebba the Younger & all nuns of her monastic community

April 3
+ Niketas the Confessor & Abbot of the Monastery Medicium
+ Venerable Joseph the Hymnographer of Sicily
+ Martyred Sisters Agape, Irene & Chionia at Thessalonica
+ Venerable Illyrios of Mt. Myrsion
+ Martyrs Elpifophoros, Dios, Bythonios & Galykos
+ New Martyr Paul the Russian at Constantinople
+ Fara (Burgundofara) the Abbess of Faremoutiers
+ Venerable Nectarius of Bezhetsk

April 4
+ Venerable George of Mt. Maleon in the Peloponnese
+ Martyrs Theodoulos & Agathapodas of Thessaloniki
+ Martyrs Pherbutha of Persia, her widowed sister & their servants
+ Theonas the Archbishop of Thessaloniki
+ Zosimas the Hieromonk of Palestine
+ Venerable Publius of Egypt
+ Righteous Father Plato the Studite
+ Isidore the Bishop of Seville
+ Venerable Fathers Theonas, Symeon & Ferbinus
+ New Hieromartyr Niketas of Mt. Athos & Serres
+ Joseph the Much-Ailing of the Kiev Caves
+ Venerable Zosimas of Vorbozomsk

April 5
+ Venerable Mary of Egypt***
+ Holy Mother Theodora of Thessaloniki
+ Martyrs Claudius, Diodoros, Victor, Victorinus, Pappias, Serapion & Nikephoros at Corinth
+ New Martyr Argyra at Constantinople
+ New Martyr George of Ephesus
+ Martyrs Theodora & Didymus of Alexandria
+ New Martyr Panagiotis of Jerusalem
+ Martyrs Kyria & her maidservant, Dula
+ Martyr Thermos
+ Five Holy Maiden Martyrs of Lesbos
+ Martyrs Terence, Maximus, Pompeius, Africanus & 36 others with them

April 6
+ Eutychios the Patriarch of Constantinople
+ Platonida the Deaconess of Nisibis
+ Venerable Gregory the Sinaite
+ Holy 120 Martyrs of Persia
+ Venerable Gregory the Athonite
+ Holy 2 Martyrs of Ascalon
+ New Monk-Martyr Gennadios of Dionysiou
+ New Martyrs Manuel, Theodore, George, Michael & another George of Samothrace
+ Martyrs Timothy & Diogenes in Macedonia

April 7
+ Martyr Kalliopios of Perge in Pamphylia
+ Venerable George the Bishop of Mytilene
+ Martyrs Aquilina, Rufinus & 200 Soldiers at Sinope
+ Venerable Savas the New of Kalymnos
+ Gerasimos the the Hieromonk of Byzantium
+ Tikhon the Patriarch of Moscow
+ Venerable Daniel of Pereyaslavl-Zalessky
+ Holy Father Leucius of Volokolamsk

April 8
+ Holy Apostles Herodion, Agabus, Rufus, Asyncritus, Phlegon & Hermes of the 70
+ New-Martyr John the Shipmaster of Kos
+ Celestine the Pope of Rome
+ Rufus the Obedient of the Kiev Caves
+ New Martyr John Koulikas
+ Martyrs Concessa, Januarius, Maxima & Macaria at Carthage
+ Martyr Pausilypus of Heraclea in Thrace
+ Niphon the Wonderworker of Novgorod

April 9
+ Newly Revealed Martyrs Raphael, Nicholas & Irene of Lesbos & those with them
+ Martyr Eupsychius of Caesarea in Cappadocia
+ Martyrs Vadim the Archimandrite of Persia & his 7 disciples
+ Acacius the Bishop of Amida
+ Martyrs Desan, Mariabus, Abdiesus & 270 others in Persia
+ Martyrs Fortunatus, Donatus & companions at Sirmium
+ Casilda the Hermitess of Briviesca
+ Waldetrudis the Monastic Foundress at Bergen
+ Holy 7 Maiden Martyrs in Pannonia

April 10
+ The Holy Martyrs of Carthage: Terence, Maximus, Pompeius, Africanus & another 36; and also those with Zeno, Alexander Theodore & Macarius
+ Holy Prophetess Olda
+ New Hieromartyr Gregory the V, Patriarch of Constantinople
+ New Martyr Demos the Fisherman at Smyrna
+ Martyrs James the Presbyter & Aza the Deacon of Persia
+ Monk-Martyr Chrysanthos of Xenophontos
+ Martyrs Anastasia the Abbess of Uglich & 34 nuns with her
+ Miltiades the Pope of Rome
+ Holy Martyrs of the Kvabtakhevi Convent in Georgia

April 11
+ Righteous Lazarus of Bethany*
+ Hieromartyr Antipas, Bishop of Pergamum
+ Holy Mothers Tryphaina & Matrona of Cyzicus
+ Pharmuthius the Anchorite of Egypt
+ Callinicus of Cernica, Bishop of Rimnicului in Romania
+ Martyrs Processus & Martinian of Rome
+ Venerables James of Zhelenzy Bor & James of Bryleevsk
+ Holy Fathers Euthymius & Chariton of Syanzhema
+ Monk-Martyr Bacchus of the Great Lavra
+ Barsanuphios the Bishop of Tver
+ Godebertha the Abbess of Noyon

April 12

April 13
+ Blessed Joseph the All-Comely***
+ Martyrs Martin the Confessor & Pope of Rome & the 2 Bishops with him
+ Martyrs Maximus, Quintilian & Dadas of Dorostolum
+ Martyr Eleutherios of Persia
+ Martyr Theodosios
+ Holy Martyr Zoilus of Rome

April 14
+Holy Apostles Aristarchos, Pudens & Trophimos of the 70
+Holy Martyr Thomaïs of Alexandria
+Holy Martyr Ardalion the Mime
+New-Martyr Demetrios of the Peloponnese at Tripolis
+Martyrs Anthony, John & Eustathius of Lithuania
+Martyrs Marcia, Domnina & their companions at Terni

April 15

April 16
+Newly Revealed Martyrs Leonides, Charissa, Nike, Nunechia, Callista, Theodora, Irene, & Galina at Corinth
+Martyred Sisters Agape, Chionia, and Irene at Thessaloniki
+Monk-Martyr Christopher of Dionysiou
+New-Martyr Michael of Smyrna
+Virgin-Martyr Engratia the Confessor & the 18 others martyrs at Saragossa
+Martyrs Christodoulos & Anastasia of Achaia
+Martyrs Felix, Januarius, Fortunatus, & Septeminus of Lyaconia
+Venerable Theodora-Bassa the princess of Novgorod
+Blessed, Agatho, Eftychia, Cassia & Philippa, the imprisoned Confessors in Thessaloniki

April 17

April 18

April 19

April 20
+Apostle Zacchaeus, Bishop of Caesarea in Palestine
+Venerable Theodore the Trichinas (“the Hair-Shirt Wearer”) of Constantinople
+Gregory and Anastasios, the Patriarchs of Antioch
+Martyrs Acindinus, Antoninus, Victor, Zenon, Zoticus, Theonas, Caesareus, Severian and Christophoros
+Theotimus, Bishop of Tomis in Moesia
+Hieromartyr Anastasius II the Patriarch of Antioch
+Venerable Anastasius Sinaita the Abbot of the Monastery of St. Catherine at Sinai
+Venerable Ioannis the Palaiolavritis (“of the Old Lavra”), at St. Chariton’s Monastery in the Judean Desert
+Martyrs Sulpicius and Servilian in Rome
+Marcellinus of Embrun, Vincent and Domninus of North Africa, Missionaries to Dauphiné, France
+Marcian of the Monastery of Saints Cosmas and Damian in Auxerre
+Cadwalla of Wessex, King of the West Saxons
+Monk-Martyr Gundebert of Ireland
+Venerable Harduin of Fontenelle Abbey
+Venerable Hugh of Anzy-le-Duc at Saint Savin
+Athanasius & Ioasaph the Abbots of Meteora
+Venerable Alexander of Oshevensk
+Child-Martyr Gabriel of Slutsk
+New Hiero-Confessor Theodosius Ganitsky the Bishop of Kolomna (+1937)

April 21
+Newly Revealed Martyrs Raphael, Nicholas, Irene of Lesbos & their many companions*
+The 179 Holy Martyrs of Ntaou Penteli Monastery*
+Venerable Patapios of Thebes*
+New Martyr John the Tailor of Ioannina*
+New Martyr Christopher of Dionysiou*
+New Martyrs Christodoulos & Anastasia of Patras*
+Holy 6,000 Martyrs of the St. David Gareji Monastery in Georgia*
+Holy Martyr Alexandra the Empress of Rome & wife of Diocletian
+Martyrs Apollo, Isaakios & Quadratus, the servants of St. Alexandra
+Holy Martyrs Januarius the Bishop of Benevento; the Deacons Proculus, +Sosius & Faustus; the reader Desiderius; and Eutychius & Acutius
+Maximian the Patriarch of Constantinople
+Venerable Anastasios of Sinai
+Theodore the Philosopher of Kamake
+Martyrs Theodore, his mother, Philippa, Discorus, Socrates & Dionysius of Perge
+Niphon the Bishop of Novgorod

April 22
+Venerable Brothers Theoarchis & Apostolos of Arta*
+Venerable Nikandros the New of Sinai*
+Leontios of Vlacherna*
+Holy Apostle Nathanael of the Twelve
+Theodore of Sykeon the Bishop of Anastasiopolis in Galatia
+Venerable Ananias of Malles in Crete
+Holy Martyr Nearchos
+Venerable Gregory of Nisyros
+Hieromartyr Soter the Pope of Rome
+Theocharis & Apostolos of Arta
+Opportuna the Abbess of Monteuil
+New Hieromartyr Platon the Bishop of Banja Luka
+Martyrs Gaius the Pope of Rome & his family
+Senorina the Abbess of Galatia
+Venerable Ekaterina (Malkov-Panina) of Estonia
+The Synaxis of All Saints of Sinai*

April 23
+Great-martyr George the Trophy-Bearer
+Polychronia & Geruntius the parents of George the Trophy-Bearer
+Martyred soldiers Anatolius & Protoleon
+Martyrs Athanasius the Magician & Glykerios the farmer
+Martyrs Donatos & Therinos of Bothrotus in Epirus
+Martyr Valerius
+New Martyr George of Ptolemaïs
+Hieromartyr Plato with Macarius the Deacon, and 70 others in Chios
+New Martyr Lazarus the Shepherd of Bulgaria
+Hieromartyrs Felix the Priest with Fortunatus & Achilles the Deacons in Gaul
+George the Fool-for-Christ of Shenkursk
+Pusinna of Champagne & her 6 sisters
+Ibar of Beggerin the Enlightener of Leinster & Meath in Ireland
+New-Martyr Michael the Breadseller of Agrapha*

April 24
+Righteous Elizabeth the Wonderworker of Constantinople
+Martyr Savas the General of Rome & 70 Soldiers with him
+Martyrs Pasikratos, Valentinion & Julius at Dorostolum in Moesia
+Thomas the Fool-for-Christ of Syria
+Xenophon the ascetic & founder of Xenophontos Monastery on Mt. Athos
+Martyrs Eusebius, Neon, Leontius, Longinus, Christopher & 3 others at Nicomedia
+New Martyr Doukas the Tailor of Mytilene
+New Martyr Nicholas of Magnesia
+Symeon Stefan, Elias Iorest & Sava Brancovici the Metropolitans & Confessors of Transylvania
+Holy Mothers Bova & Doda of Rheims
+Joseph the Confessor & Bishop of Maramures in Romania
+Holy Fathers Sabbas & Alexis of the Kiev Caves

April 25
+Holy Apostle Mark the Evangelist
+Patriarch Macedonius II of Constantinople
+Holy Martyr Nike
+Anianas the 2nd Bishop of Alexandria
+Holy Righteous 8 Martyrs & Anchorites
+Martyrs Evodius, Hemogenes & Callista of Syracuse
+Sylvester the Abbot of Obnora
+Venerable Basil the Elder of Poiana Marului, Romania
+Mella the Abbess of Doire-Melle
+Bassian the Blind of the Kiev Caves
+Kali the Philanthropist of Asia Minor*

April 26
+ Holy Thomas the Apostle*
+ New Martyr Niketas of Serres*
+ New Martyrs George, Manuel, Theodore & Michael of Samothrace*
+ Holy 1,241 Martyrs of Naousa*
+ Hieromartyr Basil the Bishop of Amasea
+ Righteous Martyr Glaphyra of Nicomedia
+ Venerable Maiden Justa
+ Venerable Nestor the Silent
+ Leo the Bishop & Wonderworker of Samos
+ Venerable George of Cyprus
+ Venerable Kalandios of Tamassos
+ Stephen the Bishop & Enlightener of Perm
+ New Martyrs John Pankov (priest) of Orlov, with his children Nicholas & Peter
+ Exuperantia the maiden of Troyes

April 27
+ Hieromartyr Symeon the Apostle & Bishop of Jerusalem
+ John the Confessor & Abbot of the Monastery of the Pure
+ Eulogios the Hospitable of Constantinople
+ Martyr Lollion the Younger
+ Holy Martyr Poplion
+ Venerable Stephen the Abbot of the Kiev Caves & Bishop of Vladimir
+ Theophilus the Bishop of Brescia

April 28
+ Venerable Memnon the Wonderworker of Egypt
+ Holy 9 Martyrs of Kyzikos: Theognis, Rufus, Antipater, Theostichus, Artemas, Magnus, Theodotus, Thaumasius & Philemon
+ Auxibios II, Bishop of Soli, Cyprus
+ Cyril the Bishop of Turov
+ Martyr Mark of Galilee
+ Martyr Tibald of Pannonia
+ Martyr Valeria of Milan
+ Cronan the Abbot of Roscrea in Ireland

April 29
+ Holy Martyrs Jason & Sosipater the Apostles of the 70 & companions: Princess Kerkyra, Zenon, Neon, Vitalius & wife Valeria, & Christodulus the Ethiopian
+ Holy 7 Martyred Thieves of Corfu
+ John Kaloktenes the New Almsgiver & Metropolitan of Thebes
+ Basil the Bishop Ostrog & Wonderworker of Serbia
+ New Martyr Nektarios of Optina
+ Martyr Stanko the Shepherd of Montenegro
+ Martyrs Agapius & Secundinus of Numidia the Bishops, maidens Tertulla & Antonia, Emilian the Soldier, and a woman & her 2 children
+ Martyrs Atticus & Cyntion
+ New Martyr Visilije of Peć
+ Endelienta the Recluse & Nun of Cornwall
+ Ava the Abbess of Denain
+ Holy Martyrs of Lazeti, Georgia
+ Ampilochius the Schema-Abbot of Pochaev

April 30
+ Apostle James, the son of Zebedee
+ Clement the Hymnographer & Abbot of the Studion
+ Martyr Maximus at Ephesus
+ Martyrs Aphrodisius & 30 others at Alexandria
+ Martyr Sophia at Fermo
+ Donatus the Bishop of Euroia in Epirus
+ Martyrs Marianus, James & Companions at Lambaesis, Numidia in North Africa
+ Martyrs Eutropius & Estelle of Saintes in Gaul
+ Erconwald the Bishop of London
+ Ignatius Brianchaninov the Bishop of the
+ Caucuses & Stavropol
+ Simon the Metropolitan of Moscow
+ Scehema-Abbess Martha Protasieva, disciple of St. Paisius Velichkovsky
+ Swithbert the Younger of Westphalia

May 1
+ New Martyr Mary Methymopoula of Crete
+ Tamara the Queen of Georgia
+ Hieromartyr Bata the Persian of Nisibis
+ Martyr Philosophos of Alexandria
+ Venerable Isidora the Fool-for-Christ of Tabenna in Egypt
+ New Martyrs Euthymios, Ignatios & Akakios of Mt. Athos
+ Venerable Nikephoros of Chios
+ Holy Martyr Savvas
+ Panaretos the Metropolitan of Paphos in Cyprus
+ Venerable Michael of Chalcedon
+ Symeon of Syracuse, Mt. Sinai & Trier
+ Paphnutius the Wonderworker of Borovsk
+ Hieromartyr Macarius the Metropolitan of Kiev
+ Venerable Gerasimus of Boldino
+ Bishop Zosimas II of Kumurdo
+ Martyrs Orentius & Patientia the parents of St. Laurence the Martyr of Rome
+ Holy Martyr Bertha the Abbess of Avenay
+ Amator the Bishop of Auxerre
+ Righteous Grata of Bergamo

May 2
+George of Gomati*
+Gervasios the Athonite & Fool-for-Christ of Gomati*
+Righteous Matrona the Blind of Moscow
+Martyrs Hesperos & Zoe of Rome with their children Kyriakos & Theodolous
+Venerable Jordan the Wonderworker
+Holy Prince Boris-Michael, Equal-to-the Apostles & Enlightener of Bulgaria
+Savvas the Bishop of Dafnousia
+Patriarch Athanasios III Patellarios of Constantinople, from Lubensk
+Virgin-Martyr Wiborada the Anchoress of St. Gallen Abbey, Germany
+Athanasius of Syandem and Valaam
+Hieromartyrs Vindemialis, Eugene & Longinus, Bishops of North Africa
+Blessed Basil the Fool-for-Christ of Kadom

May 3
+Holy Myrrhbearers: the Theotokos, Joanna, Susanna, Salome, Mary Magdalene, Martha & Mary of Bethany, Mary of Cleopas, Joseph of Arimathea & Nicodemus*
+Tamara the Queen of Georgia*
+Akakios the New of Kavsokalyva*
+Venerable Brothers Theocharis & Apostolos of Arta*
+Holy 6 Virgin Martyrs of Geroplatonos in Halkidiki*
+Martyrs Timothy the Reader & his wife Maura of Antinoe in Egypt
+Xenia the Great-Martyr of Kalamata
+Peter the Wonderworker & Bishop of Argos
+New Martyr Ahmet the Calligrapher of Constantinople
+Martyrs Diodoros & Rodopianos at Aphrodisia in Anatolia
+Holy 27 Martyrs who died by fire
+Ecumenius the Wonderworker & Bishop of Trikke
+Theophanes the Metropolitan of Peritheorion
+Mamai the Catholicos of Georgia
+Martyr Paul of Vilnius, Lithuania
+Holy Fathers Michael & Arsenius of Georgia
+Venerable Irodion of Lainici in Romania
+Theodosius the Abbot of the Kiev Caves
+Gregory the Archbishop of Rostov, Yaroslavl & White Lake
+Synaxis of All Saints of Gortyna & Arkadia in Crete*
+Synaxis of All Saints of Thessaloniki*
+Synaxis of All Saints of Messenia*

May 4
+Holy Martyr Pelagia of Tarsus
+Righteous Monica of Tagaste, the Mother of Augustine of Hippo
+Venerable Hilary the Wonderworker
+Venerable Nikephoros of Mt. Athos
+Athanasios the Bishop of Corinth
+Venerable Nikephoros of Medikion
Holy Martyrs Aphrodisios, Leo, Antoninus, Meles, Valerian, Macrobios and those with them of Scythopolis
+The righteous Alphanov brethren of Novgorod: Nicetas, Cyril, Nicephorus, Clement, and Isaac
+New Martyr Archpriest Vasily Martysz

May 5
+Great-Martyr Irene of Thessaloniki
+Monk-martyr Ephraim the Wonderworker of Nea Makri
+Euthymios the Bishop of Madytos
+Martyrs Neophytus, Gaius & Gaianus
+Venerable Martha of Monemvasia
+Martyrs Irenaeus, Pellegrinus and Irene, at Thessaloniki
+Eulogius the Confessor, Bishop of Edessa
+Venerable Michaius of Radonezh
+Hilary the Archbishop of Arles
+Holy Father Adrian of Monza
+Martyr Crescentiana of Rome
+Waldrada the Abbess of Metz

May 6
+Job the Prophet, the Long-Suffering
+Myrtidiotissa (Sophia) the Eldress of Kleisoura
+Venerable Seraphim of Mt. Domvu
+Martyrs Bacchus, Barbarus & their companions in Morea
+Holy Fathers Mamas, Pachomius and Hilarion
+Martyr Barbarus of Thessaly
+Martyrs Demetrius, Danax & companions
+Job the Wonderworker & Abbot of the Monastery of Pochaev
+Venerable Micah of Radonezh
+Venerable Sinaites of Serbia: Romil of Ravanica, Romanos of Ravanica, Sisoje of Sinai and Sisojevac, Martirije of Rukumije, Grigorije of Gornjak, Zosim of Tuman & Gregory of Sinai
+Holy Mother Benedicta of Rome
+Edbert the Bishop of Lindisfarne

May 7
+Martyrs Quadratus of Nicomedia & his companions
+Martyr Akakios the Centurion at Byzantium
+Venerable Nilus of Sora
+John Psychaïtes the Confessor
+Tarasius the Wonderworker of Lycaonia
+Hieromartyr Flavius with Martyrs Augustus & Augustinus of Asia Minor
+Alexis Toth the Confessor
+New Martyr Pachomios of Usaki
+Martyrs Rufinus, Saturninus & Maximus
+Venerable John of Zedazeni & his 12 disciples of Georgia

May 8
+Apostle John the Theologian
+Arsenios the Great of Scetis
+Venerable Meles the Hymnographer
+Martyr Victor of Milan
+Venerable Arsenios of Varnakova
+Holy Regiment of Martyred Soldiers
+Arsenios the Lover of Labor of the Kiev Caves
+Holy Fathers Zosima & Adrian of Volokolamsk
+Iduberga the Foundress of Nivelles

May 9
+Holy Prophet Isaiah
+Great-Martyr Christopher of Lycea
+Martyrs Kalliniki & Akylina of Lycea
+Nicholas the New of Vounenis in Thessaly
+Martyrs Gordianos & Epimachos of Rome
+Patriarch Maximos III of Jerusalem
+Venerable Shio of Mgvime in Georgia
+Holy Father Joseph of Optina
+Venerable Hieronymos of Simonopetra
+New Martyrs of Slobodskaya in Ukraine

May 10
+Holy Apostle Simon the Zealot
+Martyrs Alphaeus, Philadelphus, Cyprinus of Sicily & their companions
+Venerable Hesychius the Confessor of Galatia
+Blessed Thäis of Egypt
+Simon the Bishop of Suzdal & Vladimir
+The Many New Martyrs of St. Simon the Zealot Monastery (New Athos) in Georgia
+Venerable Laurence of Egypt
+Simon the Fool-for-Christ of Yurievits & Zharki
+Passarion the Presbyter of Palestine, Agapius & Philemon
+Martyr Solangia the Sheperdess of France
+Martyr Eustathios of Crimea at Theodosia in Crimea
+Comgall the Abbot of Bangor
+Synaxis of All Saints of Evia*

May 11
+Equal-to-the-Apostles Cyril & Methodios of Thessalonica, the Enlighteners of the Slavs
+Hieromartyr Mokios of Amphipolis
+New Martyr Dioskoros of Smyrna
+New Martyr Argyrios of Epanomi
+Venerable Martyrs Olympia & Euphrosyne of Karyes in Mytilene
+Nicodemus the Archbishop of Serbia
+Hieromartyr Joseph the Metropolitan of Astrakhan
+Sophrony the Recluse of the Kiev Caves
+Venerable Christesia the monk of Georgia
+Martyrs Mar Bassus of Persia, Susanna his sister with Mar Stephen & Mar Longinus, their teachers
+Principia the Maiden of Rome

May 12
+Epiphanios the Bishop of Cyprus & his sister Kallitropis the nun
+Patriarch Germanos I of Constantinople
+New Martyr John of Serres
+Venerable Theodore of Kythera
+New Martyr John of Wallachia
+Polybius the Wonderworker & Bishop of Cyprus
+Hieromartyr Hermogenes the Patriarch of Moscow & All of Russia
+Theophanes the Archbishop of Cyprus
+Venerable Leo of Methoni
+Euthymius the Patriarch of Jerusalem
+Righteous Rictrudis the Abbess of Flanders
+Hieromartyr Philip of Argira
+Martyrs Nereus and Achilleus of Rome
+Archimandrites Dionysius & Anthony (Medvedev) of Radonezh
+Venerable Nikitas the Sinaite
+New Martyr Abbess Athanasia of the Smolensk Hodigitria Convent

May 13
+Great Martyr Glykeria & her jailer, Laodikios at Trajanopolis
Martyrs Sergios the Confessor of Constantinople with his wife (Irene) & children
+Pausikakos the Bishop of Synnada
+Euthymios the Illuminator of Georgia
+Monk-Martyrs John & George of Iveron
+Hieromartyr Alexander of Tiverias
+Nikephoros of Ephapsis
+Glyceria of Novgorod
+Holy Mothers Agnes, Disciola, & Merwenna
+Martyrs of Iveron Monastery on Mt. Athos

May 14
+Martyr Isidore of Chios
+Hieromartyr Therapon the Bishop of Cyprus
+New Martyr Mark of Crete
+Martyrs Alexander, Barbarus & Acolythus at Constantinople
+Leontius II the Patriarch of Jerusalem
+Martyrs Justa, Justina & Henedina of Sardinia
+Martyr Alexander of Centumcellae
+New Martyr John of Bulgaria
+Isidore the Fool-for-Christ of Rostov
+Venerable Nicetas of Novgorod
+Martyrs Aristotle and Leandros

May 15
+Venerable Pachomius the Great
+Achillios the Archbishop of Larissa
+Barbaros the Myrrh-Gusher of Corfu
+Andrew the Hermit of Epirus
+Holy Martyr Dymphna the Wonderworker of Gheel
+Venerable Panegyrios of Cyprus
+Kali the Merciful of Asia Minor.
+Esaias the Wonderworker of the Kiev Caves
+Cæsarea the Anchoress of Castro in Otranto
+Reticius the Bishop of Autun in Gaul
+Esaias the Wonderworker & Bishop of Rostov
+Euphrosynus of Pskov & his disciple Serapion
+Holy Fathers Silvan & Pachomius of Nerekhta
+Martyr Demetrius the Prince of Moscow & all Russia
+Holy New Hieromartyrs Pachomius the Archbishop of Chernigov, his brother Abercius the Archbishop of Zhitomir; their father, the Priest +Nicholas & their brother-in-law, the Priest Vladimir

May 16
+Theodore the Sanctified of Tabennisi
+Alexander the Archbishop of Jerusalem
+Martyrs Abdas & Abdiesus the Bishops & 38 with them in Persia: 16 presbyters, 9 deacons, 6 monks & 7 maidens
+Martyrs Isaacius, Symeon, and Bachthisoës of Persia
+Musa the Blessed Child of Rome
+Monk Martyrs of St. Savvas Monastery In Palestine
+Patriarch Nicholas Mystikos of Constantinople
+Holy Martyr Papylinus
+Martyr Peter the Kalyvite at Blachernae
+New Martyr Nicholas of Metzovon
+Makarios Notaras the Wonderworker of Myloi in Samos
+Hieromartyr Peregrinus the First Bishop of Auxerre
+Brandon the Navigator the Abbot of Clonfert
+New Martyr Vukasin of Serbia
+Holy Fathers Cassian and Laurence of Komel

May 17
+Great Martyr Photini, the Samaritan Woman & Equal-to-the-Apostles*
+Holy Apostles Andronikos & Junia
+Martyrs Solochon, Pamphamer & Pamphylon of Egypt
+Hieromonks Nektarios and Theophanes of Barlaam
+Athanasios the New, Archbishop of Christianopolis
+New Martyr Nicholas Basdanis of Metsovo
+Venerable Euphrosyne the Great Princess of Moscow
+Great Martyr Nicholas of Sofia
+Holy New Martyrs of Batak
+Martyrs Adrion, Victor & Basilla in Alexandria
+Archpriest Jonah Atamansky of Odessa
+Martyr Restituta at Carthage
+New Martyr George of Ephesus*
+Synaxis of All Holy Fathers, Archbishops and Patriarchs of Constantinople*
+Synaxis of All Saints of Demetriados*

May 18
+Martyrs Peter, Dionysios, Christina, Andrew, Paul, Herakleios, Paulinos & Venedimos of Lampsacus
+Martyr Euphrasia of Nicaea
+Martyrs Theodotus of Ancyra and with him Alexandra, Tecusa, Claudia, +Phaeina, Euphrasia, Theodota, Matrona, and Julia
+Patriarch Stephen I of Constantinople
+Holy Martyr Julian
+Hieromartyr Theodore the Pope of Rome
+Anastasso the holy woman of Leucadius
+Venerable Martinian of Areobindos
+Martyrs David & Tarechan of Georgia
+Hieromartyr Potamon the Bishop of Heraclea
+Venerable Elgiva the Queen of England & Abbess

May 19
+Martyrs Patrick the Bishop of Prusa with Presbyters: Acacius, Menander & Polyainos
+Venerable Memnon the Wonderworker
+Martyr Akolouthos of Egypt
+Martyr Kyriake & 6 other virgin-martyrs at Nicomedia
+13 Venerable Martyrs of Kantara in Cyprus
+New Martyr John the Dragatis of Crete
+Virgin-Martyr Theotima of Nicomedia
+Martyr Potentiana of Rome
+Dunstan the Archbishop of Canterbury
+The 13 Monk-Martyrs & Confessors of Kantara in Cyprus
+Hieromartyr Melchizedek the Bishop of Kisamos
+Venerable Cornelius of Komel
+Venerable John, Prince of Uglich (Ignatius in Schema)
+Venerable Cornleius of Paleostrov
+Holy Father Sergius of Shukhtov
+Venerable Sinaites of Serbia from Ravanica
+All New Hieromartyrs of Slobodskaya, Ukraine

May 20
+Equal-to-the Apostles Lydia of Thyatira, the first of the Greeks to be baptized
+Martyrs Thalleleus the Healer of Phoenicia, with companions Alexander & Asterius
+Holy Martyr Asklas of Egypt
+John, Joseph & Nikitas the monks of Chios
+Zabulon & Susanna the parents of St. Nina the Enlightener of Georgia
+Venerable Mark the Hermit
+Martyr Plautilla the Roman
+Thalassius the Myrrh-giver of Libya
+Stephen the Abbott of Piperi in Serbia
+Virgin-Martyr Basilla at Rome
+The Holy Martyrs of Mamilla in Jerusalem
+Timothy (Dovmont) the Prince of Pskov

May 21
+Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Emperor Constantine & Empress Helen of Constantinople
+New Martyr Pachomios of Patmos
+Venerable Cassian the Greek of Uglich
+Helen of Decani the Princess of Serbia
+Patriarch Christopher I of Antioch
+Prince Constantine of Murom & his sons, Michael & Theodore the Wonderworkers
+Venerable Isberga of Aire
+Basil the Bishop of Rayazan
+Cyril II the Bishop of Rostov
+Hieromartyr Secundus & those with him in Alexandria
+Hieromartyr Agapetus of Markusha
+Hospitius the Recluse of Trier
+Synaxis of the Hieromartyrs of Karelia & Ufa

May 22
+Holy Fathers of the 2nd Ecumenical Council
+Righteous Melchizedek the King of Salem
+Martyr Sophia the Physician
+Martyr Basiliscus of Comana
+Great-Martyr John Vladimir of Serbia
+New Martyrs Paul & Demetrios of the Peloponnese
+New Hieromartyr Zachariah of Prusa
+Virgin-Martyr Quiteria of Spain
+Martyrs Marcellus & Quadratus
+Helen of Auxerre
+Marcian the Bishop of Ravenna
+James the Wonderworker of Borovichi

May 23
+Holy Mary the Myrrhbearer, the wife of Cleopas
+Michael the Confessor & Bishop of Synnada
+Righteous Euphrosyne the Princess of Polotsk
+Martyr Salonas of Rome
+Manaen the Prophet & Teacher of Antioch
+Holy Martyr Seleucas
+Venerable Païsius the Abbot of Galich
+Martyrs Donatian & Rogatian of Nantes
+Monk-Martyr Michael the Sabbaite
+Archbishop Ioannicius I of Seebia
+Venerable Damianos (Demetri) the King & Hymnographer of Georgia
+Desiderius the Bishop of Langres in Gaul
+Simon the Bishop of Suzdal
+Synaxis of All Saints of Rostov & Yaroslav

May 24
+Symeon the Stylite of the Wondrous Mountain
+Holy Martyrs Meletius the Commander & companions: John, Stephen, +Serapion the Egyptian, Callinicus the Magus, the 12 Counts & Tribunes, +Marciana, Palladia, & Susanna, 2 infants Cyriacus & Christian, and 11,208 others martyred with them
+Kyriakos the Wonderworker of Evrychou
+Venerable Vincent of Lérins
+Martyrs Donatianus & Rogatianus of Nantes in Brittany
+Gregory the Archbishop of Novgorod
+Nicetas the Stylite of Pereyaslavl-Zalessky
+Afra the Martyr of Brescia
+Synaxis of All Saints of Aitolia-Acarnania*

May 25
+Holy Martyr Celestine
+Venerable Olbian the Monk
+Dionysius the Confessor & Bishop of Milan
+Zenobius the Bishop of Florence
+Venerable Thekla of Pereyaslavl
+Aldhelm the Bishop of Sherborne
+Innocent the Archbishop of Cherson
+Hieromartyrs Maximus & Victorinus
+Skiota of Georgia
+Righteous Injuriosus & Scholastica of Auvergne
+Synaxis of Saints of Volhynia: Yaropolk, Stephen, Macarius, Igor & Juliana

May 26
+Apostle Carpus of the 70
+Apostle Alphaeus of the 70 & his martyred children Abericus & Helen
+New Martyr Alexander the Dervish of Thessaloniki
+Bishop Synesios of Karpasia in Cyprus
+New Martyr George of Bulgaria
+Augustine the Archbishop of Canterbury
+Regintrudis the Abbess of Nonnberg
+Martyr Julius the Roman Soldier at Dorostolum
+Eleutherius the Pope of Rome
+Roman Missionaries Fugatius & Damian in England
+Martyrs Simitrius & 22 others in Rome

May 27
+Hieromartyr Helladius
+John the Russian & New Confessor
+Hieromartyr Therapon of Sardis
+Martyrs Theodora & Didymos of Alexandria
+Melangell the Anchoress of Wales
+Martyrs Eusebiotus & Alypius
+Martyr Julius the Veteran of Dorostolum
+Bede the Hieromonk of Wearmouth-Jarrow
+Venerable Michael of Parekhi in Georgia
+Basil the Prince of Khakhuli in Georgia
+Martyrs Restituta & her companions at Sora
+Venerable Therapont of White Lake
+Metropolitan Philip I of Moscow
+Venerable Therapont the Abbot of Monza
+Eutropius of Orange
+Venerable Lazarus the Hieromonk of the Pskov-Caves

May 28
+Hieromartyr Eutychios of Melitene
+Andrew the Fool-for-Christ of Constantinople
+Martyr Elikonida of Thessaloniki
+New Martyr Demetrios of the Peloponnese
+Alexander the Bishop of Thessaloniki
+Venerable Martyr Philothea of Pamphylia
+New Hieromartyr Zacharias of Prusa
+Nicetas the Confessor of Chalcedon
+Martyrs Crescens, Paul, & Dioscorides of Rome
+Venerable Helen of Diveyevo
+Germanus the Bishop of Paris
+Ignatius the Wonderworker & Bishop of Rostov
+Venerable Sophronius of Bulgaria
+Senator the Bishop of Milan
+New Hieromartyr Arsenios the Bishop of Beroea
+Blessed Domnica (Likvinenko) of Cherson
+Holy Georgian Martyrs of Persia*
+New Martyr Pachomios of Usaki*

May 29
+Venerable Martyr Theodosia of Constantinople
+Righteous Ypomoni (Helen Dragaš )the Empress of Loutraki
+New Martyr Andrew Agenti of Chios
+New Martyr John of Thessaloniki at Smyrna
+Alexander the Patriarch of Alexandria
+Olbian the Bishop of Anaea & disciples in Asia Minor
+Martyrs Olbianos of the Bishop of Anaea & his disciples
+Martyr Cyril of Caesarea in Cappadocia
+Jeremiah of Damascus
+Ethno-Hieromartyr Euthymios, Bishop of Zela
+Maximinus the Confessor, Bishop of Treves in Gaul
+Martyrs Sisinius the Deacon, Martyrius the Reader & Alexander from +Cappadocia at Trent.
+John the Wonderworker of Ustiug
+Holy Ajarian Martyrs of Georgia
+Holy Martyred Man & his wife

May 30
+Isaac the Confessor of Dalmatoi Monastery
+Emmelia of Caesarea, mother of Basil the Great
+Macrina the Elder, grandmother of Basil the Great
+Martyrs Aphrodisius, Agapius, Eusebios, Haralambos & Christina of Nicomedia
+Holy Martyr Natalius
+Venerable Father Barlaam
+Holy Martyrs Martyrs Romanus & Teletius
+Holy Martyr Euplus
+James the monk of Galich Monastery
+Hieromartyr Eutyches, Disciple of John the Theologian
+Pope Felix I of Rome
+Cyprian of Antioch
+The Synaxis of All Saints of Boeotia*

May 31
+The Holy Fathers of the 1st Ecumenical Council*
+Martyrs Hermias of Comana in Cappadocia & the Magician who believed in Christ through him
+Holy 5 Martyrs of Ascalon
+Eustathios the Patriarch of Constantinople
+Philotheos the Metropolitan of Tobolsk & Apostle of Siberia
+Virgin-Martyr Petronilla of Rome
+Holy Martyrs Eusebius & Haralambos in Nicomedia
+New Hieromartyr Philosophus with sons, Boris & Nicholas of St. Petersburg
+New Hieromartyrs Hierotheus the Bishop of Nikolsk & Hieroschemamonk Agatharchos the Bishop of Lefkada & the Holy Five God-bearing Fathers*
+Synaxis of the Holy Co-Workers of the Apostle Paul*
+Synaxis of the Neomartyrs of Eurytania*

June 1
+Holy Martyrs Justin the Philosopher & those with him at Rome: Chariton, Charita, Evelpistus, Hierax, Peon & Valerian
+Martyr Thespesios of Cappadocia
+Venerable Justin Popovich of Chelije in Serbia
+Holy Martyrs Firmus of Magus
+Holy Martyr Neon
+Hieromartyr Pyrrhus the Bishop
+Metrius the Farmer of Myra in Lycia
+Agapetus the Unmercenary Physician of the Kiev Caves
+Dionysius the Wonderworker of Glushetsk
+Martyr Shio the New of Georgia
+Martyr Proculus of Bologna
+Martyrs Ischyrion the military officer & 5 other soldiers in Egypt
+The holy 10,000 Martyrs of Antiochia
+Venerable Caprasius of Lérins
+Fortunatus the Wonderworker of Spoleto
+Synaxis of the Venerable Martyrs David, Gabriel & Paul of Gareji, Georgia

June 2
+Nikephoros the Confessor & Patriarch of Constantinople
+Hieromartyr Erasmus of Ochrid & the 20,000 martyrs with him
+New Martyr Demetrios of Philadelphia
+New Martyr John of Suceava
+New Martyr Constantine the former Hagarene at Constantinople
+New-Martyr John of Trebizond
+Martyrs Blandine with Photinus the Bishop of Lyons & their companions
+Venerable Marinos of Constantinople
+The Holy 38 Martyrs who were sealed in a bath-house
+Right-believing Prince Andrew of Nizhegorod
+A Mother martyred with her 3 children
+Nicholas the Pilgrim & Greek Fool-for-Christ of Southern Italy
+Martyr Leander of Epirus
+Hieromartyrs Marcellinus the Priest & Peter the Exorcist of Rome
+Pope Eugene I of Rome

June 3
+Martyrs Lucillian & Paula of Nicomedia with children Claudius, Hypatius, Paul & Dionysius at Byzantium
+Athanasios the Wonderworker of Cilicia
+Righteous Hieria of Nisibis in Mesopotamia
+Venerable Pappos the Confessor of Cyprus
+New Hieromartyr Dorotheos the Metropolitan of Adrianople
+Hieromartyr Joseph III the Metropolitan of Thessaloniki
+Gregory of the Bishop of Derkoi
+Achillas the Bishop of Alexandria
+Venerable Kevin of Glendalough, Ireland
+Clotilde the Queen of France
+Venerable Oliva of Anagni
+Hieromartyr Lucian and his fellow Martyrs Julian and Maximian at Beauvais in Gaul
+Righteous Martyr Isaac of Cordova

June 4
+The Holy Myrrhbearers Mary & Martha of Bethany
+Metrophanes the 1st Archbishop of Constantinople
+Venerable Sophia of Thrace & Mother of Orphans
+Holy Abba Alonius of Scetis in Egypt
+Martyr John the Abbot of Monagria Monastery
+Martyrs Zoticus, Atallus, Camisius & Philip of Niculițel, Romania
+Hieromartyr Astius of Macedonia
+Holy Mother Breaca the Wonderworker of Ireland
+Zosimas the Bishop of Babylon in Egypt
+Venerable Methodius of Peshnosha
+Holy Fathers Eleazar & Nazarius of Olonets
+Hieromartyr Quirinus the Bishop of Siscia
+Ninnoca the Abbess of Brittany
+Martyr Concordius of Spoleto
+Venerable Petroc of Bodmin in Cornwall
+Virgin-Martyr Saturnina at Arras
+Buriana the Anchoress of Cornwall

June 5
+Hieromartyr Dorotheus the Bishop of Tyre
+New Martyr Mark of Chios
+Holy 10 Martyrs of Egypt: Marcian, Nicander, Selenia, Irene, Hyperechius, Apollo, Leonidas, Arius, Gorgias & Pambo
+Venerable Peter of Korisha in Serbia
+Martyrs Christopher & Konon of Rome
+Anubius the Confessor & Anchorite of Egypt
+Hieromartyrs Boniface the Archbishop of Mainz & Enlightener of Germany, Eoban his fellow Bishop & those with them
+Venerable Theodore the Wonderworker of the Jordan
+Plutarch the Archbishop of Cyprus
+Venerable John the New of Valamo
+Martyr Sanctius of Albi at Cordova
+Constantine the Metropolitan of Kiev
+Theodore Yaroslavich of Novgorod
+Agapius & Nicodemus the Stewards of Vatopedi
+Martyr Nonnos of Jerusalem

June 6
+Hilarion the New of Dalmatoi Monastery in Constantinople
+Virgin-Martyrs of Caesarea: Valeria, Kyria, Martha, Mary & Marcia
+Attalos the Wonderworker
+Venerable Anoub of the Anchorite & Signbearer of Egypt
+Virgin-Martyrs Archelais, Thekla & Susanna of Salerno
+Holy Martyr Gelasios
+Righteous Father Païsius of Uglich
+Jonas the Bishop of Perm
+Venerable Father Photas
+Venerable Jonas of Klimentsy
+Martyrs Artemius & Candida with their daughter Paulina at Rome
+Claudius the Bishop of Besançon

June 8
+Virgin-Martyr Kalliope at Rome
+Martyrs Nikandros & Markianos at Dorostolum in Moesia
+Righteous Melania the Elder of Rome
+Venerable Athre of Nitria in Egypt
+Holy Martyrs Mark & Nicander
+Naukratios of Caesarea, brother of Basil the Great
+New Martyr Theophanes of Constantinople
+Venerable Naukratios the Studite
+Paul the Confessor of Kaiuma Monastery in Constantinople
+Venerable Zosimas of Phoenicia
+Venerable Syra the Anchoress at Troyes
+Medard the Bishop of Noyon
+Theodore the Bishop of Suzdal & Rostov
+Eustadolia the Abbess of Moyenmoutier
+Venerable Theophilus of Luga & Omutch
+New Hieromartyr Theodore of Kvelta, Georgia

June 9
+Cyril the Archbishop of Alexandria
+Canonical Martyrs Thekla, Mariamne, Martha, Mary & Ennatha of Rethymnon, Crete at Persia
+Hieromartyr Alexander the Bishop of Prusa
+Venerable Columba of Iona
+Cyril the Abbott of White Lake
+Venerable Cyrus of Alexandria
+Holy 3 Virgin-Martyrs of Chios
+Martyrs Diomedes, Orestes & Rodon
+John of Shavta the Bishop of Gaenati
+Venerable Alexander of Kushta
+Venerable Julian of Syria
+Righteous Cyril of Velsk
+Holy Martyr Ananias
+Hieromartyr Vincent the Deacon of Agen
+Venerable Maximian of Syracuse

June 11
+Holy Apostles Bartholomew & Barnabas
+Archbishop Luke the Physician of Crimea & Simferopol
+Venerable Gregory of Mystra
+New Martyr Zafeirios of Halkidiki
+Barnabas of Basa, Cyprus
+Holy New 222 Chinese Martyrs of the Boxer Uprising at Beijing: +Hieromartyr Metrophanes Chi-Sung, his wife Tatiana & their sons, church teachers Ia & Paul & another 215 with them
+Martyrs Theopemptus & 4 others
+Venerable Barnabas of Basa in Cyprus
+Venerable Barnabas of Vetluga

June 13
+Martyr Aquilina of Byblos in Syria
+Venerable Anna of Larissa & her son John
+Antipater the Bishop of Bostra
+Eulogios the Patriarch of Antioch
+Triphyllios the Bishop of Leukosia
+Holy Ten Thousand Martyrs
+Holy Martyr Diodoros of Emesus
+James the Ascetic, who out of trickery venerated the Devil before repenting
+Venerable Andronikos & Sabbas of Moscow
+Venerable Alexandra (Melgunova) of Diveyevo
+New Hieromartyr Anthimos the Metropolitan of Wallachia
+Virgin-Martyr Felicula of Rome
+Venerable Philotheos of Sklataina
+John Triantaphyllides the Presbyter of Chaldia
+Holy Maiden Damhnada of Cavan in Fermanagh

June 16
+Tychon the Wonderworker & of Amathus in Cyprus
+Hieromartyr Mark the Bishop of Apollonias
+Venerable Moses of Optina
+Venerable Tikhon of Kaluga
+Forty Martyrs at Rome
+Bishop Mnemonios of Amathus
+Venerable Tikhon of Lukhov
+Five Martyrs of Nicomedia
+Martyrs Tigrius & Eutropius of Constantinople
+Virgin-Martyrs Actinea & Graecina at Volterra
+New Hieromartyrs Hermogenes the Bishop of Tobolsk, Ephraim the Archpriest & Michael the Priest
+Monk-Martyr Kaikhosro the Georgian
+New Hieromartyr Tikhon the Deacon of Velizh and his son

June 18
+Martyrs Leontios of Greece with Hypatius & Theodulus at Phoenicia
+Venerable Leontios the Clairvoyant & Myrrh-Streamer of Mt. Athos
+Martyr Aetherius the Martyr of Nicomedia
+Martyrs Paula & Cyriacus at Malaga
+Martyr Alena of Brussels
+Venerable Kalogeros the Anchorite
+Venerable Leontius the Shepherd
+Venerable Osanna the nun of Jouarre
+Gregory the Bishop, Demetrius the Archdeacon & Calogerus the Abbot of North Africa
+The 2 Martyrs of Cyprus
+Holy Father Erasmus
+Fortunatus the Philosopher
+Amandus the Bishop of Bordeaux
+Venerable Leontius the Canonarch of the Kiev Caves

June 23
+Martyrs Agrippina of Rome with Paula, Vassa & Athonica at Carthage
+Hieromartyrs Aristokles, Demetrianos & Athanasios of Cyprus
+Martyrs Eustochius the Presbyter of Pisidia, Gaius his nephew & his +children Lollia, Proba, and Urban at Ancyra
+Barbaros the Myrrhgusher of Pentapolis
+Newly-Revealed Gregory, Theodore & Leon of Rome
+Venerable Gregory of Mystra
+Queen Etheldreda the Abbess of Ely
+Artemius the Righteous Youth of Verkola
+Holy Fathers Joseph, Anthony & Joannicius of Vologda
+New Hieromartyrs Metrophanes, Archbishop of Astrakhan & Leontius, +Bishop of Yenotaevsk
+New Hieromartyr Maximus, Bishop of Serpukhov
+All Hieromartyrs & Martyrs of Crete from 1821 & 1822
+Synaxis of All Saints of Vladimir

June 24
+The Synaxis of Elizabeth & Zacharias, the parents of John the Baptist
+New Martyr Panagiotis of Caesarea in Cappadocia at Constantinople
+Venerable Athanasios of Paros
+Nicetas the Bishop of Remesiana
+Venerable Anthony of Dymsk
+Bishop Gerasimos of Astrakhan & Enotaeva
+Venerable John of Yarenga
+Righteous Youths John and James of Menyuga
+Martyr Mikhail the Grand Duke of Tver

June 29
+Joanna the Holy Myrrhbearer of Chuza
+Venerable Samson the Hospitable of Constantinople
+Martyr Anectus of Caesarea in Cappadocia
+Venerable Luke the Hermit
+Martyrs Therapon, Macarius, Marcius & Markia
+Hieromartyr Pierius the Presbyter of Antioch
+Holy Hieromartyr Cyril Loukaris the Patriarch of Constantinople
+Martyrs Zoilus of Cordova & his 19 companions
+Blessed Martin of Turov
+Severus the Presbyter of Interocrea in Italy
+Serapion of Kozhezersk
+New Hieromartyr Gregory of Nikolsk
+George the Hagiorite of Georgia

*Indicates movable feast that does not occur on the same date each year

**Commemorated on February 29 only in leap years; otherwise commemorated February 28

*** The Venerable Mary of Egypt is celebrated April 1st & the 5th Sunday of Lent; Joseph the All-Comely is celebrated on Holy Monday & on the Sunday of the Holy Fathers; St. Kali is Commemorated on May 15th, 22nd, and Bright Saturday