Pastoral Letters

Pastoral Letter October 9, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Given the enormity of details concerning the visit of His Eminence and the preparations for the Ordination that will take place this blessed Sunday, I ask your forgiveness for not providing a proper, pastoral message this week.

I do, however ask that you pray most earnestly for the servant of God, Gregory Jerry Floor, his family, their well-being, Godly protection and salvation. May He also, and always bless his ministry. Please keep in mind a few thoughts…

There will NOT be Sunday School Classes this weekend due to the Ordination and the presence of His Eminence.

Due to the enthusiasm of your participation in our weekly Bible Study, we have moved the class to the Fellowship Hall on Wednesday evenings. We busted out of two classrooms! Now, even more of you can participate! Please join us as we study St. John’s Apocalypse, also known as
The Book of Revelation.

Support our Women’s Ministry Team with your participation in the Stifado Cook-Off next Saturday, October 15th. Our women are able to be generous to those in need if we are generous towards their efforts. Let’s be partners in bringing comfort, joy, and assistance to those in need.

Please keep in mind that our Introduction to Orthodox Spirituality Class will begin Thursday, October 20th. Please invite your friends, family members who have fallen away from the Church, and anyone you know that is interested in Christ’s One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Let us continue to grow this parish through the natural means of Orthodox Christian evangelism and love for the Lord. Bring someone to St. Anna’s!

Well, there you have it; announcements, rather than a sermon. God is good!

With Much Love in Christ,
Fr. Anthony