Pastoral Letter August 20, 2017

“I think we may have found our home.”
-Parish Council President, Dr. Charles Beck

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

For the past several weeks, we have been speaking about our efforts to strengthen our Building Fund through the efforts of our Capital Campaign. We have been meeting with small groups – the groups that you have been signing up to join, to discuss our goals and aspiration – beginning with the fund raising goal of $3 million for the purchase of land to eventually build a church. As has always been the case with our blessed community, a divinely-gifted opportunity may have presented itself to us. We have before us, as illustrated in the attached flyer, an opportunity to purchase an existing building, with land in the heart of east Sandy – for the same cost as budgeted for land.

Our fund raising efforts, to this date, have been crafted around individual meetings and small groups, and intimate settings. This seemed to be the best option to build a natural swell of interest and participation for a long-term goal. With a property coming onto the market, that our parish council, capital campaign committee, real estate committee, and architect deem as a viable prospect, the entire scope of our plan is in the process of changing. There is more urgency required as we shift from long range planning to short term efforts to accomplish…long range planning.

We will be scheduling at-property walk through opportunities and open houses in the coming days and weeks.

In this building, there is room to grow, witness Christ, serve His faithful, celebrate the Sacraments, teach, engage in fellowship, become leaders in a local community and establish ourselves in a place to call home. This seems to be the next, logical, and fiscally responsible step in our natural maturity and development as a parish.

People much smarter than I, when it comes to real estate, planning, transactions and financing will be communicating with our parish very soon. We have turned a corner from our former, slow and methodical fund raising efforts to quicker ways of getting information into your hands in order to make prayerful decisions. Not for the near or far future, but today.

This, my Beloved in the Lord, is an exciting time.

His Eminence Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver has been informed of this opportunity and has given the parish council his blessing to explore. Please be reminded that NO binding transactions can be executed on behalf of the parish WITHOUT the permission of the Parish Assembly (that’s all of us) and the Metropolitan.

Please, pray for discernment, patience, clarity, wisdom, generosity, vision, and love. St. Anna intercede and guide us! Panaghia bless us!

With Much Love in Christ,
Fr. Anthony Savas