Pastoral Letter October 15, 2017

Dearly Beloved in the Lord,

Please find attached this week’s Bulletin. I pray that you receive it with the richest of blessings upon your household. Your Parish Council, Capital Campaign Committee, and Real Estate Committee have one simple message for you:

St. Anna’s is close, and we mean very close, to having the funds that will enable us to acquire a permanent church home. Given what we have already collected (thank you and bless you), and what we will have the ability to finance (Given Parish Assembly Approval at our November Meeting), we are in need of only $160,000 by year’s end.

Our parish has responded with immediacy, vision, love and a desire to fortify our future. We will provide our children with a house of worship that will not burden them financially. We will give them, and all future generations a church home, having done so with fiscal responsibility and providing them with a myriad of options to grow and enrich their church. We will have seen God’s promise to them fulfilled. We will fulfilled our sacred obligations to Him, the Theotokos, and to her mother, our precious St. Anna.

Only $160,000 and we are on our way.

If you have yet to participate, I prayerfully implore you to be part of the group that will put us over the top.

If you have pledged your support, I prayerfully ask you to consider moving up the date of fulfilling your pledge, and perhaps increasing if possible.

I ask you to continue praying about our task at hand, the vital importance of its cause and the sacred responsibility we have been blessed to receive.

And finally, I humbly remind us all, me included, that as we approach the conclusion of the year, that our Stewardship commitment be fulfilled, and that our support of our church into next year will be as vibrant and Spirit-filled as we have illustrated in the past. Rest assured, we are not asking for more, just the same level of enthusiastic participation.

We have been blessed beyond measure. We have worked diligently and honorably for the sake of the Kingdom and to spread the message of Salvation through the abundant traditions of Orthodox Christianity. We have answered the call. We are so incredibly close to achieving more than was ever thought possible in a remarkably short period of time. Let us continue that course.

We know what needs to be done. Let’s do this.

With Much Love in Christ,
Fr. Anthony