Pastoral Letter February 18, 2018

“As man I deliberately transgressed the divine commandment, when the devil, enticing me with the hope of divinity (Gen. 3:5), dragged me down from my natural stability into the realm of sensual pleasure; and he was proud to have thus brought death into existence, for he delights in the corruption of human nature. Because of this, God became perfect man, taking on everything that belongs to human nature except sin (cf. Heb. 4:15); and indeed sin is not part of human nature, In this way, by enticing the insatiable serpent with the bait of the flesh. He provoked him to open his mouth and swallow it. This flesh proved poison to him, destroying him utterly by the power of the Divinity within it; but to human nature it proved a remedy restoring it to its original grace by that same power of the Divinity within it. For just as the devil poured out his venom of sin on the tree of knowledge and corrupted human nature once it had tasted it, so when he wished to devour the flesh of the Master he was himself destroyed by the power of the Divinity within it.”
+ St. Maximos the Confessor

My Beloved in the Lord,

Great and Holy Lent begins on February 19th on what is known as Clean Monday. Allow yourselves to no longer to be dragged down by the influences of the Evil One. God became Man in order that the sway of death would be rendered powerless. Grace. Power. Divinity. Love. These attributes are, as the Confessor maintains, is poison to Satan. Slay him with the might of self control, obedience, steadfastness and prayer. Use the Fast to acquire the strength of angels and the innocence of lambs. For God is with us!

Much Love in Christ,
Fr. Anthony

Please follow closely, and participate whole-heartedly, in the Lenten Schedule of Services attached with the Bulletin. We are Orthodox Christians. The center of our spiritual lives is our Worship. Our prayers, our actions, our commitments our Faith in Christ are but expressions and extensions of our Worship. Come and worship.