Pastoral Letter November 4, 2018

Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, Have Mercy on Us.

– Trisagion Hymn

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As the Hymn of the Heavenly Angels is being beautifully chanted, you can take a tour of our intended and hopeful property. This serves as a reminder of how this property is beautiful, well-situated, ripe for potential and begging to be an Orthodox Church. Both inside and out are blank slates that will be purposed for the glory of God and in service to His people. This video tour is of the building as it stands today. No site or interior plans have been drawn up as of yet. So for now, look, listen and pray about the innumerable possibilities.

As a due diligence status update, please know that we have been collecting proposals from local banks and lending institutions. We have scheduled inspections for the condition of the building and for the sake of future insurance coverage. We have collected the costs of overhead and maintenance. We have established a realistic, but challenging financial goal of being able to put down a 50% down payment. We will be meeting with planning and building officials with Sandy City later this morning. Finally, we have taken these professional pictures and have had them prepared for your guided inspiration, motivation toward generosity, and prayerful imagination. If this purchase is going to happen, it will literally take the participation of our entire community. We can do this.

To God be the Glory.


With Love in Christ,
Fr. Anthony