Pastoral Letter November 11, 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As you are well aware, we are actively involved in a Capital Campaign to purchase property for our permanent church home. While we await the final analysis of the exploration of our due diligence process, we are working with the knowledge that we plan on a 50% down payment of $1,500,000.00. We are tracking to be on track with this goal in that as of today, we are 78% there. We have allot of work to do, but we are well on our way.

That we may remain focused on our objectives and reasons to obtain a church property, The Capital Campaign Committee prayed about, and wrote down the Vision Statement for this God-ordained project. We are confident that this purchase will, indeed, become a reality. And when it does, we will have the sacred responsibility of putting our facility to work for the greater good of our community.

Our efforts to obtain a place to call home will not be self-centered and introspective. We hope to serve and witness Christ as we serve and witness our need to worship, teach, learn, grow and serve. We pray that we all can share in this special vision. It speaks of partnerships.

And once again, I take this opportunity to remind you, that this partnership begins with each and every one of us. We truly pray for our parish’s 100% participation in this effort. The amount we give is not nearly as important as the fact that we gave at all. Please take the time to read our Project Vision Statement. Catch the vision. Participate in it. Become partners in its cause.

St. Anna Capital Campaign Project Vision:

As we stand together, with God, our fellow parishioners, the people of our surrounding neighborhood, and our greater community, we at St. Anna’s strive to be capable and humble:


In true partnership with our church and community, we will further engage ourselves, and our new church home to become generously involved in Philanthropic endeavors. We will have an Awareness of the needs around us and strive to have our neighbors be aware of who we are. We are a Eucharistic and Christ-centered community that witnesses our Lord through service and sacred Ritual. We work together with those within our parish, and our friends outside of our church, dedicated to coordinated Teamwork for the benefit of all, and to serve the Needs of those we can help. We share our precious faith, traditions and the Gospel of Christ through the practice and spirit of Evangelism. We hold dear, the love which God has for all humankind and approach His goodness through Reverence. And we do all this under the prayerful and watchful guidance of our Matron Saint Anna, the Mother of the Virgin Mary, whose precious Relic is available for veneration in our Shrine that is dedicated to her life in Christ. Presently, we do these things through financial assistance and the dedication of time. Once we are blessed with a permanent home to base our services, sacraments, ministries, and outreach, we will then be able to reach new heights, set new goals, and further galvanize our people as true Partners in our community. We are the St. Anna Greek Orthodox Church of Utah. We are grateful partners.