Pastoral Letter January 13, 2019

Please Read the Following Letter from His Eminence Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver Regarding our Special General Assembly that was Held Last Week on the Feast of Epiphany. His Letter Reflects the Profound Love and Paternal Responsibility in which His Eminence Guides this Holy Parish. If We Are Able to Continue Our Spiritual Journey towards God’s Kingdom, through Our Commitment to Christ, Our Love for Each Other, Our Adherence to the Holy Traditions of the Church, and Our Dedication to St. Anna’s, the Words of His Eminence will Always Resonate within Us. History has been Made. As of this Moment, Our Due Diligence Period has Expired. We have Committed a Full, Non-Refundable Earnest Payment of $150,000 to be Held in Escrow until Closing. We are Locked in. The Seller is Locked in. St. Anna has Spoken. His Eminence has Spoken. The People have Spoken. The Lord has Blessed.

This is no Form Letter. It is not Copied from another File. This Letter is Deeply Personal and yet Another Example of the Support His Eminence Offers Us, the Trust He has in Us and the Love He Demonstrates to Us. May We ever be Mindful of the Sacred Responsibility that has Been Given us to Cultivate our Church, Serve the Community, Worship God and Attend to the Needs of our Faithful St. Anna Parishioners.

Please Join Us This Sunday as we Administer to our New Parish Council the Oath of Office and Celebrate a Spirit of Love, Generosity and Creativity through Our Annual Cutting of the Vasilopita.

Glory to God in all Things!
St. Anna Pray for Us!