Pastoral Letter February 24, 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Though I have very much enjoyed my time spending a couple days with my brother priests of the Metropolis of Denver, I look forward to returning home. Catching up with old friends and making new ones, in Christ’s holy Name are treasured blessings. I always enjoy returning to Texas, for our two daughters were born here, and the Lone Star State holds many fond memories for our family. I thank you for the opportunity to be here at our Clergy Pre-Lenten Retreat and ask you to pray fervently for our sister parishes and His Eminence Metropolitan of Isaiah of Denver.

We are by far, the largest Metropolis in term of land mass, and very much by far, the least populated Metropolis of our Archdiocese. However, we are per capita, the most generous, prolific and growing Metropolis in America. Our thinking is progressive, our hearts are open and our love for the Lord is deep and rich. I know all this to be true, and I am reminded of these blessed truths each time I find myself with the fine people of our holy Metropolis.

St. Anna’s is a prime example of all that is strong in our regional and national church (not my words, but publicly proclaimed by our metropolis leadership). It’s easier to accomplish any sacred task when your bishop is your strongest cheerleader. As a parish – keep up the good work! As individuals, while we make our way toward the Great Fast, I ask that you maintain your spiritual preparations for a fruitful and edifying Lent.

To that end, I have a special announcement and challenge to discuss this coming Sunday following the Divine Liturgy.

And though we do our best to avoid conflicts with Holy Trinity Cathedral, our celebration of Godparent Sunday is taking place on the same day that Bill and Sophie Drossos will be honored downtown by the Hellenic Cultural Association. Mr. and Mrs. Drossos are most deserving of this acknowledgement for they represent with dignity and humility, all that is sacred; and they typify all that has ever been positive within the Salt Lake Greek Orthodox community. To them, we proclaim, Axioi! They are worthy! They are the parents of two, incredibly dedicated St. Anna parishioners: Connie Cayias and Perry Drossos. We congratulate you on the recognition of your beautiful parents.

Again, Great Lent is around the corner. There is much work to be done and preparations to be made. If called upon, please assist in any and every way to make our Lenten Journey, Holy Week experience and Pascha, truly memorable.

Lastly, I remind you that tonight, Friday evening, we will celebrate our monthly Paraklesis Service to St. Anna at 7:00 pm. Please join us.
Wishing You Well From Texas and the Gulf of Mexico…

With Love in Christ,Fr. Anthony