Pastoral Letters

Pastoral Letter April 14, 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As many of you may know, I am on a flight at 5:15 am to participate in the funeral services for our Fr. Ambrose Omayas of blessed memory. As I prepare to leave, please know that I take with me the love and prayers of our grateful St. Anna parish. Fr. Ambrose was always excited to hear any progress in the life of our community. Large milestones, such as the naming of the parish, our first Holy Land Pilgrimage, the receiving of St. Anna’s precious relic, or the identification of property, were always a joy to share with him. Every time an item was purchased for the altar, or a new icon was commissioned, I called Denver to share it with him. He took great pride in his ministry here. It brought Fr. Ambrose much satisfaction to share in all of the continued successes of the parish.

To that end, you should know that today, as the priests were vesting Fr. Ambrose in preparation for his burial (Orthodox clergy are buried fully vested), they placed on him something very special. Fr. Ambrose always wore his small, St. Anna pin that we created a couple years ago. It remains on him still; pinned to his cassock. He will be laid to rest with the people of St. Anna close to his heart. In Fr. Ambrose, we have a powerful intercessor before the Throne of God. Indeed, we will keep him in our prayers. But much more importantly, I believe that we will remain in his. And that is a very comforting feeling.

Tomorrow, following the Presanctified Liturgy at the Assumption Cathedral in Denver, Fr. Ambrose will receive a Funeral in the Orthodox Church. He will be laid to rest in his native Hawaii. Mahalo, dear Father. Go with God.

May His Memory be Eternal.

With Love in Christ,
Fr. Anthony