Pastoral Letter October 13, 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I have attached, together with this week’s Bulletin and Flyer for our upcoming Family Night Harvest Festival, a Flyer for our upcoming Inquirer’s Class.

Each Fall, we gather together a group of people who wish to learn the theology, doctrine, history, traditions, practices and worship of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

The Church is One, as She is still in tact after centuries of division, heresy, conflict and departures.

The Church is Holy, as She is the Body of Christ, gifted to us by the Father, and sustained through the work of the Holy Spirit.

The Church is Catholic, as the Greek word “Catholike” means universal and far-reaching. This is Her mission and identity.

The Church is Apostolic, as She is the continual, unbroken, and undivided Church; established by Jesus Christ, through the work of His Disciples-made-Apostles.  

This is Orthodox Christianity.

Please be reminded that the Evangelical Christian Calling is not left only to zealous proclaimers and dedicated missionaries, toiling in foreign fields. It is our collective responsibility to share the Gospel and spread the fire of Faith.

Please print off the attached Flyer (not the Harvest Festival, as fun as that may be) and share it with anyone you know:

Who is Starving for a Relationship with God,

Who is Thirsty for the Mysteries and Sacraments of the Church,

Who is Needing to be Newly-Introduced to Christ,

Who is Estranged from the Church and Pines to Return,

Who has been Scandalized or Marginalized by the Political Fallout of our Larger Community’s Past, and not Currently Worshiping in an Orthodox Church,

Who is a Neighbor who Asks Questions about Your Faith,

Who is a Co-Worker that is Lost and without a Spiritual Compass,

Who is an Acquaintance Who now Calls Themselves an Atheist or Agnostic, but You Know Better; that, that is only Hurt, Anger and Disillusionment Talking,

Who is Someone Who can Appreciate and Embrace Christ’s Love,

Who is Someone that would enjoy Worshiping with Us in English, as to understand every Prayer, Hymn, Sermon and Message,

Who would like to be a Vital Part of a Growing Parish during Exciting and Historic Times.

Do you know anyone like that? If so, can you overcome your shyness and fear of rejection, and approach that person with an invitation to visit, participate in worship, and attend our class?

Be brave. Help gather lost souls into the Kingdom of God. Help them discover what you already know: that St. Anna’s is a special, welcoming, loving and place, where we, as sinners, come together and celebrate our life in Christ.

Our Inquirer’s Class begins on Tuesday, October 22nd. By the time we finish this class, and begin the Lenten Season, we’ll likely be in our new facility. Many, many transformations and changes will take place within our St. Anna family very shortly. Please do your part, and introduce our Faith and our Church to those in need who are in your sphere. St. Anna’s likely has what they are missing.

With Love in Christ,

Fr. Anthony