Pastoral Letters

Pastoral Letter October 20, 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Well, you’ve all worked extremely hard, prayed exceedingly fervently, and been incredibly generous. As of last Saturday’s Tables Extraordinaire event, we passed our goal of raising $1.5M to put a down payment on our new church home. I’ve been speaking, writing, preaching, praying and announcing this effort, together with many faithful leaders of our community, the worth and spiritual benefit of this endeavor.

The continued spiritual maturation of our parish and the ability to raise a large amount of money for the sake of a church has been a beautiful witness of Christ’s love, St. Anna’s intercession and your vision. Soon, very soon, we will close on our property, begin initial modifications, move in, and prayerfully plan on the construction of our sanctuary.

This is all very exciting and motivational.

But now, now while our attention in on our success…

While we are filled with enthusiasm and joyful anticipation…

While we are overflowing with gratitude and thanksgiving…

Now is when I remind myself, and all of our faithful parishioners that owning a church building is not the end-all, or final purpose of our existence.

Our parish was established on the basis of love – love for God, love for the Church, love for our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, and love for all His children.

Our church building will be a source of love that will flow from our Altar and impact the lives of all who encounter us. Our love for the neighbor, the greater community, our society and surroundings must always be on the forefront of our priorities. Please, let us never, ever lose sight of that.

We prayed for a church so we can come together to worship God in all His greatness and power. We must also look upon Him as a true and humble Servant-Leader. He came to serve, not to be served. Let’s continue to adopt for ourselves the same, empathetic and genuine love for humanity, as exhibited by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  

Of course, our dedicated love for humanity does not begin once we are property owners, or end at the corner of 9200 South and 1300 East. Our St. Anna compassion stretches beyond borders and embraces the world.

To that end, please be reminded that this Sunday, October 20th, the participants of our home building mission trip to Project Mexico and St. Innocent’s Orphanage will offer our Sunday Fellowship, present a slide show of our activities, and give you the opportunity to share in our experience. We’ll be reminded of not only the suffering and injustice that exists in the world, but more importantly, God’s mercy and compassion, which overcome the evils of a fallen existence.

Please join us after the Divine Liturgy and learn of the exciting work that is being done south of the border, by fellow Orthodox Christians, who long to ease suffering and provide stability and protection.

As a parish, we have been blessed that soon, very soon, we will occupy the four walls of our church., As a Project Mexico mission team, we were blessed to construct the four walls of a humble, yet dignified home. We were blessed with an opportunity to serve.

For the remainder of this month, Project Mexico and St. Innocent’s Orphanage have a donor that will match all donations made, up to $50,000. If on Sunday, we raise $1,000, their ministry will receive $2,000. If we raise $30.00, then their organizations will receive $60.00. It’s a rare opportunity when your generosity is doubled. This Sunday is just that opportunity.

The past several months of our capital campaign efforts have proven, without a doubt, that we are a blessed community of believers.Let’s pass on those blessings and share in the joy, especially to the most vulnerable.

Thank you in advance for your continued and sacrificial support.

With Much Love in Christ,

Fr. Anthony

Don’t forget that Friday Night at 7:00 PM is our Family Night Harvest Festival.
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