Pastoral Letters

Pastoral Message September 12, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am attaching many flyers to this week’s email. They are all important and reflect the busy time of year when the parish “wakes up” and ministries become active. Our Youth, Educational, Service and Outreach activities are in full swing. Please support the ministries and activities of our parish. We are looking forward to seeing you all back.
Remember, Sunday School begins this Sunday, September 12 with the Blessing of the New School Year. Classes will begin the following week. Welcome back students and teachers!

Lastly, as we solemnly approach the 20th Anniversary of the Attack on September 11, 2001, please pray for all victims. Listed are the names of the Greek Orthodox Christians who perished on that fateful day. 

May their Memories be Eternal!

Joanna Ahladiotis
Anastasios (Ernest) Alikakos
Alan Bondarenko
Katerina Bantis
Lieutenant Peter (Panagiotis) Brennan
Anthony Demas
Kontantinos Ekonomos
Anna Fosteris
Peter Hansen
Vassilios Haramis
John Katsimatidis
Danielle Kousoulis
Eskedar Melaku
George Merkouris
Peter Constantine Moutos
James Nicholas Papageorge
George Paris
Theodore Pigis
Daphne Pouletsos
Anthony (Tony) Savas
Derek Statkevicus
Andrew Stergiopoulos
Michael Tarrou
William Tselepis
Prokopios (Paul) Zois

With Love in XC,

Fr. Anthony Savas