Pastoral Letters

Pastoral Message November 21, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Tomorrow, Sunday, November 21, we celebrate the Feast of the Entrance of the Theotokos. This is the day that the young, toddler, Theotokos was given over to the Temple of Jerusalem by her pious parents Ss. Joachim and Anna, to care for, and raise her; thus fulfilling their promise to God, that if they were given the gift of a child, they would dedicated him or her to His service. 

They gave their daughter the name Mary, or Miriam in Hebrew, which means “Beloved.” They carefully and prayerfully chose her name. 

Our names are important. They define us as much as our physical appearance or reputation. That’s why it’s critical to know the names of the people who are important to us. And that they know our names. We can’t truly hold someone dear to our hearts if we don’t know who they are! 

With all of the new faces we see at St. Anna’s from Sunday to Sunday, we are losing the special gift that we enjoyed as a smaller parish; really knowing each other. Knowing everyone’s name!

So it was suggested that we hold a Name Tag Sunday, so we can take the quick steps to introducing us to each other. So tomorrow, please fill out a name tag when you come into the Narthex. Wear it proudly and visibly. Take the time to read the names of others, learn their faces, ask about their families. To be sure, we are a growing family. But if we are to remain a family, I ask that we continue the tender and intimate steps of viewing each other accordingly. Just like we did in the beginning. 

With Much Love in Christ,

Fr. Anthony Savas