Pastoral Letters

Pastoral Message February 5, 2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I recently had a conversation with a parishioner who was out of town for a couple weeks. He couldn’t believe the progress that’s been made on the interior of the building in that span of time. I told him I can’t believe the progress that’s been made when I come back from lunch! Things are moving and changing quickly these days.

If you take the time to walk through the space this Sunday, nothing is left to the imagination. I have spoken to several people who have had difficulty seeing the vision of our project through architectural floor plans. Now you can literally walk through the spaces in dimensional reality.  The narthex, rooms, hallways, and restrooms are all now clearly defined. If you go back there, please be careful not to trip. Pay special attention to the east wall of the narthex, which is now framed. This is the first evidence of our new sanctuary – its west wall.

Please be aware that I will not be in the office all of next week. I will be in Denver for our Metropolis Clergy Pre-Lenten Retreat. Fr. Elias will be available for pastoral emergencies. God forbid, if you have immediate need of a priest, please contact me, and I will relay the message. 

This Sunday begins the Triodion Period of the Church Calendar. Great Lent is around the corner (February 27th) and we will have much to share and many opportunities for spiritual growth and learning in the coming months. This will be the last Lent, Holy Week and Pascha in our current worship space. A setting that has been temporary but has fulfilled our needs with dignity and has adequately expressed our love for the Savior. Let us prayerfully absorb and appreciate every experience in our present sanctuary, as its use is coming to an end. Ironically, just as Pascha is completing, work to begin construction of the new sanctuary will be underway. 

Enjoy the myriad of blessings which God showers down upon us each day. Even (especially) in our greatest trials and challenges, His grace abounds and sustains. 

With Much Love in Christ,

Fr. Anthony Savas