Pastoral Letters

Pastoral Message July 9, 2023

That with an iron stylus and lead, They were engraved in the rock forever.

Job 19:24

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Last week, a man was caught on video carving his and his fiancĂ©’s initials into a wall of the Roman Coliseum. And let’s be totally honest, you who saw this in the news: we all breathed a collective sigh of relief, finding out that he is not American. He’s from England, BTW.

Wow, talk about the ugly tourist – marking up an ancient treasure for his immature and immediate enjoyment. The Italian government did not take such an offense lightly, and they plan on prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law. In his letter of apology, he claimed that he didn’t know The Coliseum was of a historical importance and was embarrassed, after the fact, to learn of its significance. Not a very strong defense, if you ask me. 

“Ivan+Hayley 23” is now there forever. And in a couple thousand years, perhaps it will also be of a historical significance.

I have wonderful news for the good people of the St. Anna Greek Orthodox Church who, like young Ivan, have the desire to write love notes on sacred structures. Except in our case, we won’t call the police, and I’ll even supply the markers!

Starting this Sunday, following the Divine Liturgy, head out to the north parking lot of the church building and sign one of the buttress beams that are going up in the new Sanctuary. These angled beams will support the weight of the building after we remove the front and center post that would be blocking the front of the solea. They will be attached to a new beam in the center of the ceiling and stretch across the nave, connecting to the existing posts in what will be our side aisles. 

Please feel free to write your names, scroll a little prayer, offer your grateful message to our loving God. There is plenty of room on these structures for everyone to share their sentiments. Even though these beams will be covered and finished as part of the church interior, you will always be able to look up and know that your heart-felt message to God is part of the permanent structure of our worship space. 

We will make the beams available to be signed right up until they are ready to be installed; in about ten days or so. Please don’t be disappointed if you are unavailable this weekend. You’ll have ample opportunity to take part in this joyful (and legal) act of graffiti. 

As a reminder, please be aware that we will be hosting our Annual Parish Name Day Picnic a few days early this year, coinciding with the archepastoral visit of His Grace Bishop Constantine of Sassima, the Auxiliary Bishop of the Metropolis of Denver. We will celebrate Saturday Evening Great Vespers on July 22nd at 5:00 pm followed by a fantastic pulled pork BBQ picnic, hosted by Elaine Peterson and her Name Day Picnic Committee. The Hierarchical Divine Liturgy will take place the following day, Sunday the 23rd.

We will STILL celebrate our Name Day Great Vespers on Monday, July 24th at 5:00 pm WITHOUT a picnic and we will STILL celebrate the Dormition of St. Anna Orthros and Divine Liturgy on Tuesday, July 25th. 

Once again, please take the opportunity to write your prayerful message or just sign your name on a structural beam. Make your mark on the forever-history of our church. However, please know that anyone who writes “Ivan+Hayley 23” will be reported to the Sandy Police Department.

With Much Love in XC,

Fr. Anthony Savas